We’ve rounded up a bunch of B2B-related Magento resources that Magento has published over the last 2 months. If you’re a B2B merchant or retailer, you’ll be sure to find some helpful tips and tricks!

How to Overcome B2B Digital Transformational Challenges

According to Magento, addressing the right factors can help B2B businesses overcome or minimize the constraints in the adoption of digital commerce. This whitepaper aims to help B2B merchants and retailers with:

  • Overcoming strategic challenges
  • Confronting operational challenges
  • Engaging with key stakeholders
  • Integrating for seamless experiences


Ready to Transform Your B2B Commerce Experience?

B2B customers today expect the customer journey to extend before and beyond purchase. In this short whitepaper, Magento presents 3 tips for revamping your B2B commerce experience by both anticipating and exceeding customer expectations. 

Highlights from this whitepaper include: 

  • An omnichannel strategy for B2B commerce
  • Modifying sales models to meet demands
  • Integrating content for growth


5 B2B Commerce Campaigns to Engage Along the Path to Purchase

More and more B2B customers shop online; are you targeting your B2B customers at the right touchpoints? Magento presents 5 digital campaigns in this whitepaper to help merchants and retailers engage their customers on their shopping journey.

Highlights from this whitepaper include:

  • Implementing a digital welcome campaign
  • Targeting abandoned carts for engagement
  • Creating content-led campaigns


Is Your B2B Business Improving the Customer Journey?

Magento explores how to establish behavior-based segments in this whitepaper with highlights that include:  

  • Establishing your customer journey objectives
  • Identifying customers critical to your content strategy
  • Defining your segmentation strategy
  • Targeting for better personalization 

This whitepaper aims to help merchants personalize the customer experience by using a user’s past behavior to predict a user’s intent.


6 Tips for Winning B2B Buyers

This whitepaper features 6 bits of advice for merchants on how to offer better shipping and fulfillment practices to acquire B2B customers. According to Magento, 60% of shoppers abandon carts because of shipping issues. When it comes to B2B, shipping is the key to success. The top 3 tips advise merchants to:

  • Use an agile approach to shipments
  • Be transparent with tracking shipments
  • Utilise multiple carriers


11 Obstacles to B2B Business Growth

Commerce changes the way B2B businesses operate, from customer acquisition to customer retention, and from order fulfillment to forming relationships with customers. Customers want the same, if not a better, experience from a B2B store as they would expect to receive from a B2C shop, with features like custom pricing, product recommendations, and order history display. Magento has created a list of the 11 most common challenges to B2B eCommerce success, such as:

  • Thinking about eCommerce as an isolated channel
  • Overlooking the user experience
  • Lacking advanced analytics
  • Failing to maintain and enhance systems


Free Download: 4 Key Ways B2B Merchants Can Stay Competitive and Grow their Businesses

B2B customers expect the same seamless buying experience that B2C offers, as well as expanded inventory fulfillment options and assisted sales alternatives. In their recent report (The Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Suites For Midsize Organizations, Q3 2017) Forrester advises B2B companies to search for commerce solutions that support the following 4 key functionalities to stay competitive, and even grow into selling directly to their end consumers:

  • Full-Spectrum Selling
  • Personalized Digital Commerce Experiences
  • Data-Driven Merchant Tools
  • Agility and Faster Time-To-Market

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Image: Magento