We want to thank all of our fantastic employees, clients, and partners for 2017, and we welcome 2018 with all of its exciting challenges. Let’s make this year better than the last!

Vaimo’s Christmas gift to all of our employees is supporting climate work in the world. It’s an urgent cause and we’re very proud to contribute to it. Since we started donating in 2014, we have given a total amount of 17,000 euros to Doctors Without Borders and their fight against ebola, The World Wide Fund For Nature and their climate work. This year we donated 9,400 euros to the World Wide Fund For Nature on behalf of our employees.


Climate change is a fundamental threat to everything that we love and hold dear. Melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and new and more frequent weather extremes influence all continents. Water supplies are shrinking, crops are affected, forests are burning and our oceans are becoming more acidic. This has major consequences on our livelihood and human security. The task is to manage the inevitable effects while mitigating the effect of future climate impact. WWF is working on several levels of climate issues.

These range from projects related to individual areas and species, to extensive initiatives concerning national and international agreements. Through public opinion and politicians, society must make the necessary transformation to save our planet. Cooperation with companies, investors, innovators and cities that want to contribute to a sustainable future is vital. WWF’s vision is a world driven by clean, renewable energy, where communities and ecosystems are resilient to climate challenges.

Happy holidays – may we all have a more climate-friendly new year!

The Vaimo Team