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Product Information Management (PIM)

Vaimo helps you keep your product information up-to-date across all channels to boost efficiency. Gather all your product information in one single place, enrich it and publish it across different channels. Check out our blog post on ‘What is PIM’ to learn more about Product Information Management!

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What are the benefits of PIM?

A Single Source of Truth

Storing all product information in one place not only allows for frictionless purchasing experiences but also a transformation of your internal processes. Merging data into one location eradicates the risk of error and confusion.

Automatic Distribution

With a PIM, you only need to enter data about products once—it then automatically gets distributed to all your other systems.

Rich Product Data

PIM provides a whole host of benefits to both B2B and B2C businesses who are dealing with large and often complex product datasets with many product attributes.

How does the PIM solution work?


Automatically collect information about products from various sources/locations into your PIM solution.


Edit and manage all your product information from one single PIM interface including product numbers, catalogues, SKU data, images, videos, translations and documentation.


Spread product data to your different channels such as your eCommerce website, mobile apps and point of sale.

Which PIM should you choose?

Platform independent

Vaimo’s take on Product Information Management is a platform agnostic approach. We help you define your Product Information Management requirements and then select the best-suited platform with support during all the steps of the implementation.

Having partnered up with both Akeneo and inRiver, we can provide your business with the most effective solution depending on your challenges and aspirations. And since we have in-house experience with various eCommerce platforms and other backend systems, we can also take on PIM projects with the majority of leading eCommerce platforms. Our number one aim is to help merchants implement PIM solutions in a way that makes it the perfect fit for eCommerce growth.

What PIM connectors have we implemented?

Vaimo has PIM connectors for: Various ERP Systems, Amazon, GS1, InDesign and Zalando.

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Vaimo helps you keep your product information up-to-date across all channels to boost efficiency. Take a test on our PIMOMETER to understand the need for PIM for your organisation.
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Vaimo M2 inRiver Connector

Vaimo’s Connector built for Magento 2 and inRiver Product Marketing Cloud has the power to transform your business efficiencies and offer engaging digital experiences for customers. This feature is compatible with all Magento 2 versions and supports both Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source platforms to help you manage products easily. Once you import catalogue data in inRiver, you can simply push that data into your Magento 2 store. It works with simple, configurable and virtual types of products.

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Vaimo and Magento 2 inRiver Connector

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