A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

In the world of ecommerce, it’s easy to get caught up in all the amazing opportunities. There’s a myriad of tactics, channels, and platforms, and knowing where to focus your energy is not always easy. This is why you always need to start with the end in mind: what are you aiming to achieve? Then, based on those goals, it’s time to start crafting a powerful ecommerce strategy. And no, a strategy is not the same thing as a plan. Your plan might change, while your strategy remains.

At Vaimo, we have 14+ years of experience in building winning ecommerce strategies. We help our clients create clarity and alignment around business objectives, and build the roadmaps for how to reach them.

An ecommerce strategy describes not only your business goals and objectives, but also a timeframe for reaching them, and the roadmap you will use to get there.

A strategy is more high-level than a plan. Your ecommerce strategy is more focused on what you want to achieve, while the plan goes into the detailed tactics of how to achieve it.

Your Digital Maturity Assessment

Ecommerce Strategy for Success

If you don’t have an ecommerce strategy, your marketing and sales team are shooting in the dark. Because without a strategy, there is nothing to keep everyone pulling in the same direction and no way of knowing when you’re off track or need to regroup.

In today’s complex ecommerce landscape, it’s more important than ever to stake out a clear path and make sure everyone in the company is aware of and following it. If not, you end up with a situation where different teams are doing “random acts of marketing”, without benchmarks or follow-up.

To avoid this, we help our clients get crystal clear on what they’re looking to achieve before planning for how to get there. We have extensive experience working with hundreds of ecommerce merchants and can help you define and set the right goals and KPIs – at the right time. We have a unique approach, combining high-level strategic vision with the hands-on capabilities to see the strategies through– all the way to the results you want.

At Vaimo, we’re experienced practitioners, bringing defined methodologies and CX best practices to the table. There are some areas where you should get creative, and there are some where there are tried and tested approaches that will bring the best results. We can guide you on where to innovate, and where to stick with the industry wisdom we’ve accumulated over the years. With clients aroud the globe; EMEA and the US, we bring global insights and perspectives – to help your business expand.

Our consultants work closely with our clients, to gain a good understanding of your business, products, and target groups. We focus on making sure you create the best possible experience for your customers across physical and digital environments.

A great ecommerce strategy always starts with the customer and an outside-in perspective. We help our clients become truly customer-centric, by putting their customers at the center of everything we do.

Digital Strategy Roadmap

Goal Setting

Step one is to understand what success looks like and define your goals and objectives. Sometimes our clients already know their goals; sometimes, we help define them. It’s essential to set SMART goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

Defining KPIs

Defining your Key Performance Indicators is a crucial step that will allow you to measure your progress. Knowing your KPIs is fundamental, and only when you know them will you understand how to move the needle best.

Activities & Projects

Here, we help our clients identify gaps and opportunities for how to start making progress and driving sales. In this scenario, we use tools such as our Digital Maturity Assessment and the Customer Experience Rating to review key areas of the business, people, processes, and website experience.

Thematic High-level Plan

Once we know what activities to prioritize, it’s time to create a high-level thematic plan. Having a quality overview of the key projects and investments every month is very valuable when it’s time to start implementing.

Visual Time-Based Roadmap

A visual roadmap will help know where you headed and how to get there without getting stuck. It enables you to communicate your plans effectively and visually without being tied to spreadsheets.

Defining your ecommerce company’s needs and digital strategy can feel like an overwhelming task. Most ecommerce project teams spend their days busy working through a long list of backlog items and don’t always take the time to focus on the long-term perspective.

The problem with this is that teams tend to get stuck in “busy work”, without a clear idea of what digital activities are ultimately driving success for their business. We’ve seen many examples of companies who define and follow a digital roadmap and end up meeting or exceeding their goals. But we’ve also seen companies without a focus on what digital commerce success means for them, and they always fall behind or fail as a result.

As the old saying goes: if you’re failing to plan, you’re planning to fail. This is especially true in an industry like ecommerce where competition is growing every minute. Partnering up with our experienced consultants, to create a winning ecommerce strategy, will give you a significant head start. When working with us, your team will always have someone to lean on for both strategic advice and hands-on execution.

A successful ecommerce strategy always starts with the customer and an outside-in perspective. We help our clients become genuinely customer-centric by putting their customers at the center of everything we do.

Vaimo’s extensive experience working with all different kinds of ecommerce companies means there are never any new problems for us. On the contrary, we will always be able to show you best-in-class examples of how to handle any given challenge—both on a strategic level, and in your day-to-day operations. Whether you need to discuss pricing strategies, how to leverage the festivity seasons, or how to integrate your tech better – we’ll have answers.

We’ve supported small ecommerce businesses as they’ve grown into huge enterprises, and we’ve assisted enterprises in defending and growing their market share. With us, you get a strategic partner – to help you reach your goals and grow your ecommerce business.

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