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It is about ten times cheaper to keep a customer than to get a new one. That’s why equipping your staff with the right tools and reliable processes is crucial to creating the best possible customer experience. When we conduct business analyses with our customers, up to 70% of the challenges usually relate to deficiencies in the processes. Still, most companies acquire new systems to remedy the problems. If you want to do things in the right order, we can help.

What are customer service solutions?

Vaimo’s customer service solutions are the complete solution to help you build an in-house service or support organization.

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Customer service solutions with Zendesk

We provide solutions for a modern and efficient customer service organization tailored to your needs. Our platform enables you to manage customer dialogue in all channels, from the web and email to chat, social media, and telephone.

We can guide you in the right direction and recommend the products and services you need.

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What's included in customer service solutions

We equip your staff with the most efficient tools, processes, and best practices to meet the service needs of modern customers. Our team specializes in service models and customer service, so we can keep your organization up-to-date with ongoing training.

Zendesk Support01

We provide 24/7 technical support for your employees and system administrators.


We streamline your customer service processes, integrating efficient tools and techniques to ensure seamless support for your customers.

Knowledge management03

We help you develop processes and configure management tools and manage knowledge generated as part of your daily work.


We help you integrate Zendesk with your CRM, ERP, etc., to provide your customer service team with a full view of the customers, orders, etc., they need to provide the best possible support to your customers.


We deliver customized training online or at your office for both users and administrators.

Introduction and configuration06

We help businesses of all sizes with analyzes and introductions of the products that best suit your business.


We produce tailor-made reports for measuring and following up on your business.

Continuous improvement08

We offer advisatory services and constant development of your tools and processes.

Our customer service solutions are a great fit for your organization if

  • You’re interested in the most efficient way to build in-house customer support
  • You want to boost customer satisfaction
  • You want to build proactive support capabilities
  • You want better control over support requests
  • You want a direct line of communication with your customers

What’s the difference between support as a service and customer service solutions?

Our support as a service is us helping customers directly. We act as customer support instead of you.

Our customer service solutions equip you with the support, training, and tools so you can offer you customers the best care and support.

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Are you ready to build the in-house customer support of your (customer’s) dreams?

With experience from over 100 Zendesk implementations and expertise in support and customer service processes, we build world-class solutions. Our customer service solutions create the conditions for successful customer experiences, strong customer relationships, and competitiveness.

Customer Support Solutions is a great choice for companies that want to build their customer support team and want to do it right the first time.

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Zendesk is a customer service and engagement platform that helps businesses provide better customer service and support. It is a cloud-based software that enables companies to provide customer service through multiple channels, including email, phone, chat, and social media.

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The field of ecommerce is constantly evolving. At Vaimo, we stay at the forefront of technical developments and continuously bring on new tools and skills as needed.

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