Amazon Sweden has launched— what eCommerce choices do you have?  But as we’ve seen throughout this 4-part series, it’s more complex than just a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. 


As noted in part 2 of this series, for businesses with a well-established brand and an existing customer base, Amazon represents a huge opportunity to increase your sales portfolio along with all your other channels.

However, it does have limitations, particularly around direct brand building, marketing, and analytics. With the size of the Amazon population, opening your business up to this new segment brings both new customers and existing customers who do their shopping on the Amazon platform.

Assuming that you opt for selling on Amazon, we’ve seen that there are various tips and tricks to get your products in front of more would-be customers. Amazon is its own ecosystem and that can feel intimidating for businesses of all sizes.

After going through this entire document, you may still be wondering how (and if) it fits into your company’s future plans. The introduction of Amazon into new markets has left businesses grappling with common questions such as: Should I sell on Amazon? How do I compete with Amazon? and What’s the relationship between my eCommerce store and Amazon?  

If you have read this ebook, you may be asking business-specific questions: “Given the size of my business, how can I best leverage the Amazon channel to grow my sales, diversify my revenue streams and grow my brand?” These are complex questions, littered with nuances depending on your company’s circumstances and future aims.

Selling on Amazon isn’t black and white, and that’s why Vaimo’s Strategy and Consulting Team has dedicated employees to getting your business up-to-speed on Amazon and building your business case. Our team draws on years of experience in eCommerce and marketplaces to help your business make data-driven decisions about the viability of selling on Amazon.

Our team employs an innovative 7-step process to give your business a comprehensive assessment of your potential for selling on the Amazon marketplace and where you need to focus for success. Contact us to learn more!