Whether you’re a brand, distributor, retailer or manufacturer, the world’s largest online marketplace, Amazon, is a sales channel you can ill afford to ignore. Serving hundreds of millions of customers globally, Amazon has quite simply become the number one destination for product discovery and for top notch purchasing experiences.

And though you may have ordered from Amazon in your personal life, you may still be wondering how (and if) it fits into your company’s future plans. The introduction of Amazon into new markets has left businesses grappling with common questions such as: Should I sell on Amazon? How do I compete with Amazon? and What’s the relationship between my eCommerce store and Amazon? Plus many, many more.

But these are complex questions, littered with nuances depending on your company’s circumstances and future aims. Selling on Amazon isn’t a black and white issue. And that’s where our dedicated Strategy and Consulting Team can help. Our team draws on its years of experience in the world of eCommerce and marketplaces to help your business make data-driven decisions about the viability of selling on Amazon.

Our team employs an innovative 7-step process to give your business a comprehensive assessment of your potential for selling on the Amazon marketplace and where you need to focus for success.

Visit our Resources page now and download your copy of the ‘Build Your Amazon Business Case’ whitepaper to learn more about the process.

Don’t forget, we also recently released an ‘Amazon and the Nordics’ guide which investigates the pros and cons of selling on the marketplace and how you can leverage its power for your company’s success. Download the exclusive guide today!