In our latest case study, we go behind the scenes on STIGA Sport’s new online store built on Adobe Commerce and their dramatic increase in online revenue since launching their new eCommerce site.

Born in Eskilstuna, Sweden, in 1944, STIGA Sports has now grown into a worldwide phenomenon offering a wide range of sports items. They have one of the world’s largest brands in table tennis with partners in over 100 countries and outfit the sport’s top athletes with their premium products. Let’s take a look at the success of STIGA Sport’s eCommerce launch with Vaimo from start to finish.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Vaimo in 2016, STIGA Sports sold their products via resellers and distributors. All of their orders were taken manually, and they had no eCommerce solution. To keep up with the changing market, STIGA Sports decided to invest in their own digital sales channels.


Phenomenal Ecommerce Growth

Having decided to implement a digital sales solution, STIGA Sports looked at different vendors and hosting platforms and decided on Vaimo and Adobe Commerce. STIGA Sports launched its D2C eCommerce site in 2017, initially as two separate sites for table tennis and games: hobby and leisure. The sites were later merged, leading to improved SEO. In 2019 STIGA Sports added a B2B sales portal to their site.

STIGA Sports has seen resounding success with their eCommerce site, with online sales revenue increasing 200% in 2020 compared to 2019. January 2021 was an all-time high in online sales for STIGA Sports–eCommerce grew by 650%, compared to January last year.

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Ecommerce During COVID

With the COVID-19 crisis leading to many professional table tennis players not being allowed to compete, STIGA Sports saw a reduction in the table tennis products sales on their website. Some of their partners with physical stores were also facing difficulties. This challenging year highlighted the benefit of both D2C and B2B digital sales channels for STIGA Sports.

The sales in their leisure and hobby section on the website soared as people were spending more time at home but still wanting to stay active. Snowracers, also known as a toboggan or a sledge, were especially popular, as people were making the most of a snowy winter in Sweden.

When discussing the success of the project thus far, Gustav Lundin, the Ecommerce Manager at STIGA Sports had this to say:

We are very happy with our experience with Vaimo and have a close relationship with the team. They have not only helped us with the technical development of our website but across-the-board, for example, with educating our team on the Adobe Commerce platform.”

The future of STIGA Sport’s digital commerce initiatives is bright as they have already witnessed immense growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Future plans

STIGA Sports is continuously improving their eCommerce experience; they have recently launched a new checkout for their D2C site and are working on further automating their B2B online orders.

STIGA Sports has ambitious plans for growth in the Swedish and international markets. They are planning on continuing their work on improving the SEO of their site and exploring new marketing channels to archive their goals.

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