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B2C, Data management, Digital commerce, PIM






Consumer goods, Retail

The Challenge

Porsgrund Porselen & Hadeland Glassverk managed product information manually, a tedious and inefficient task. This led to team members maintaining different pieces of data related to the same product, which caused inconsistency and confusion. Consequently, the teams of Porsgrund Porselen & Hadeland Glassverk felt the need for a better solution for product information management.

Porsgrund Porselen & Hadeland Glassverk wanted a new PIM solution as a single source of truth for their product information. The goal was to integrate a PIM solution seamlessly across the organization and make it accessible for all employees. Having worked with Vaimo before, they approached the project with a sense of trust and high expectations.

The solution

inriver PIM

Vaimo built a tailored solution for the Norwegian brand that connected inriver PIM and Adobe Commerce via integration connectors. With work areas and apps set up, Vaimo organized training sessions for staff members to ensure everyone reaped benefits from the new solution.

At the end of the process, Vaimo helped Porsgrund Porselen & Hadeland Glassverk with migrating information from Adobe Commerce to inriver and merged it with information from the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system and from the old PIM system. This seamless transition eliminated the need for manual data transfer, which saved time , preserved valuable information and increased the accuracy of product information.

The delivery

The PIM project consisted of both a discovery phase and an implementation phase in order to find the right solution. Vaimo conducted an initial discovery phase and held meetings with stakeholders to understand the current system requirements and needs. A solution was presented to Porsgrund Porselen & Hadeland Glassverk, which included accelerators to speed up the implementation process. Subsequently, an MVP (minimum viable product) was delivered.

The implementation phase consisted of an inbound process and an outbound process. In the outbound process, Vaimo set up an ERP system for the product information management. With the help of an extension, inriver PIM sends the product information directly to Adobe Commerce. This inbound integration ensures a cohesive and streamlined data flow, enabling Porsgrund Porselen & Hadeland Glassverk to efficiently manage their data.

"The project went exactly as we expected, with a high level of professionalism from the team. Vaimo kept the budget and timeline in check, which we greatly appreciated. We are truly happy with how Vaimo delivered the project. Their solution creativity was impressive, and even when we had some new development requests, they managed to find quick solutions.”

Stig Seljom, Project Manager

The Future

Porsgrund Porselen & Hadeland Glassverk plans to enhance and customize their existing PIM solution to further fit their needs. Employees already report increased efficiency a few weeks after implementation, which means they are headed in the right direction. The brand also expressed interest in exploring and implementing new elements into their inriver PIM solution.


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