image of katriina virtanen with quote about her job at vaimo

Vaimo Helps Kickstart Your Career

Choosing the right employer can be difficult for many job seekers, but for some, like Katriina Virtanen, the decision was easy. After finding Vaimo’s job advertisement for a digital marketing internship, she was inspired to apply. She now works as a Digital Marketing Trainee for Vaimo in Helsinki, but as of April 2023, she will …

March 20, 2023
map of nordic countries with locations of Vaimo's offices

Vaimo Creates Digital Powerhouse in the Nordics through Merger of Local Operations

Stockholm, Sweden, March 10, 2023 –– Vaimo, a leading customer experience agency, merged its operations in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway this year, creating Vaimo Nordics. The merger will expand Vaimo’s service offerings, giving clients access to a broader range of experts. For Vaimo’s employees, the merger offers many added career opportunities, creating more exciting …

March 10, 2023
image of noora oksa

Noora Oksa: The Talented Digital Marketer Making Waves at Vaimo Finland

Meet Noora Oksa, a talented digital marketer making waves at Vaimo Finland. Noora joined Vaimo as a Digital Marketing Manager, a position that allowed her to combine her love for ecommerce and digital marketing. With her hard work, dedication, and exceptional skills, Noora has recently been promoted to CRM & Content Lead, Vaimo Group, and …

March 10, 2023
image of maryam mansoor

An International PM: Maryam Mansoor’s Journey Across Continents

Meet Maryam Mansoor, a seasoned project manager who has worked in some of the telecom industry’s most dynamic and diverse environments. Maryam’s journey took her across Europe & Asia, where she managed complex projects, built teams, and delivered exceptional results. Maryam started her career with Telenor, a Norwegian telecom service provider in Europe and Asia. …

March 9, 2023
image of Begüm Yildirim

Finding the Right Fit – How Begüm Yildirim Found a Fulfilling Career

Meet Begüm Yildirim — a Business Unit Manager at Vaimo Tallinn. From the moment she first interacted with the Vaimo team, she knew that this was the right company for her. Begüm was impressed by the team’s positive energy and encouraging nature. Thanks to her supportive team, moving from Istanbul to Tallinn and starting a …

March 8, 2023
image of tea grönberg

Career Switch: Tea Grönborg’s Journey to Becoming a Backend Developer at Vaimo

Meet Tea Grönborg –– a Backend Developer at Vaimo who left her longtime career in the hospitality industry and found her home at Vaimo. Tea began her career in the hospitality industry. For ten years, she enjoyed working with people and meeting guests from all over the world. When the pandemic hit, the hotels were …

March 7, 2023
image of Oksana diachenko

Empowering Women in Tech: Oksana Diachenko’s Journey from Accountant to Frontend Lead

Meet Oksana Diachenko, the Frontend Lead at Vaimo Benelux. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Oksana has been working from home in Kyiv, balancing work, power outages, and her passion for fantasy writing. Oksana’s journey into IT was unexpected. After working as an accountant for two years, she realized it was not …

March 9, 2023
launchpad logo on purple background

Vaimo Releases New Composable Commerce Accelerator Product, LaunchPad

Stockholm, Sweden, Mar. 1, 2023 — Vaimo, a leading customer experience agency, released a new composable commerce accelerator product that empowers businesses to take their composable strategy to market quickly. With commercetools as the powerhouse commerce engine, the Vaimo LaunchPad is a composable starter kit that covers four main areas: a baseline for composable architecture, …

March 1, 2023
Valentine's Day graph comparing growth in sales

Best Last Minute Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips

Any holiday is the perfect occasion to offer extra incentives for your customers to drop by and shop, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Even with the continued tightening of household budgets due to inflation, consumers are expected to spend $25.9 billion this year on Valentine’s gifts and experiences. According to a National Retail Foundation …

February 21, 2023
image of road in tunnel

Linear Commerce: What It Is and Why It’s Important

For a product to be purchased, there must first be an audience who wants or needs it. Based on this fundamental of business, linear commerce flips the normal cycle of creating a product, marketing to an audience, and selling said product, on its head. Instead, this approach focuses on the audience first and the products …

February 9, 2023
chart of content and commerce progression

Ecommerce Replatforming: 6 Signs It’s Time to Change

Whether a business started with a website designed specifically to host a product catalog or invested in a platform geared toward content management and marketing, commerce experience initiatives evolve, and platform requirements must be upgraded as the business matures. In many instances, these enhancements may be accomplished through customizations and integrations. Yet, extending the capabilities …

February 2, 2023

The Top 10 UX and UI Trends in 2023

What’s the latest and greatest for UX and UI trends in 2023? Our Lead UX Designer from Vaimo UK, Angels Vicente, shares her thoughts about what’s new in digital design.    

January 27, 2023

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