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Lecot needed a complex and highly customised B2B commerce solution from the ground up. Vaimo constructed a B2B site that is integrated real-time with their IBM ERP software and PIM solution by inRiver. The site handles around 350,000 products and entails a customised shipping solution to ensure ease of purchase and allowing Lecot’s employees to work more efficiently.

Jack Daniel’s UK

Jack Daniel’s UK needed to showcase their premium product family while ensuring the customer experience. Vaimo created a content-rich, responsive site for Jack Daniel’s UK. The solution is fully-integrated with Magento Order Management Suite including OMS and payment solutions.


Hexaplan needed a site that supports their B2B business. Vaimo built a B2B site for Hexaplan which is integrated with their ERP system. In addition Vaimo developed a drop shipping feature and live chat feature.


BAUHAUS wanted a stable, responsive eCommerce platform that would allow them to customise everything and provide first class integration capabilities for stock management payments. Vaimo created an online trade environment that suits B2C and B2B, providing them with virtual tools that allow the customer to shop with ease, locate the nearest retailer, order installations, and even arrange special deliveries.

Proactiv +

The Proactiv+ webshop had been built on hard-coded, completely inflexible templates that drastically affected the stability of the shop. They wanted to switch to a responsive-first design to cater to a heavily mobile-driven target group to enhance the customer experience and make the shop easier to update internally. Vaimo’s solution did all that and more.

Björn Borg

Björn Borg wanted to make its eCommerce site more user-friendly, improve the checkout process and make the site more cost-effective. The company selected Magento as it was recommended by other eCommerce companies which later lead them to Vaimo, due to Vaimo’s extensive knowledge and expertise in eCommerce.


Gant had a clear vision of what they wanted to accomplish with their eCommerce site. Vaimo brought them project plans to match and delivered a site which have brought fantastic results.

Helly HAnsen

Helly Hansen wanted to create the perfect blend of brand and commerce in order to guide and inspire their customers by infusing the customer journey with content and story-telling. Helly Hansen also encompasses several other sites for B2B, footwear, and more, and they wanted to unify all of their sites with the same look and feel. Vaimo therefore designed a touch-friendly web shop that brings the rich heritage of the Helly Hansen brand to consumers in a user-friendly way, on any device.

The Lounge co

Vaimo launched The Lounge Co web shop for Sofa Brands International. Features include the Vaimo Product Configurator to enable the large scale personalisation possibilities


Gant had a clear vision of what they wanted to accomplish with their eCommerce. Vaimo brought them project plans to match and delivered a site which have brought fantastic results.

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