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What’s inside

  • The power of AI in personalized experiences
  • How does Generative AI help
    commerce experiences?
  • AI in customer experience: Revolutionizing
    interactions and personalization
  • AI within your commerce experience:
    fueling relevance and efficiency

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The evolution of AI in ecommerce

“AI’s capability to personalize customer
experiences has been a game-changer in an
era dominated by endless consumer choices.
The evolution of AI in ecommerce signifies its transition
from a novel concept to a crucial component
of the ecommerce ecosystem.

AI now encompasses deep personalization,
predictive analytics, and advanced engagement
strategies. This evolution from simple applications
to complex, data-driven systems reflects a broader
shift in ecommerce, with businesses increasingly
recognizing the strategic importance of AI


Henrik Feld-Jakobsen, Chief Strategy Officer, Vaimo

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Meet our partners

AI in Action is the result of a team effort between Vaimo and its partners. Each contributor offers insight from their field and shares real-world use cases. Here are the industry leaders who provided the knowledge for our guide.

  • Vaimo – Expert in digital commerce and experience
  • Akeneo – Product information management
  • commercetools – Leading commerce solution built on MACH
  • Klevu – Advanced AI-powered search and navigation platform
  • Nosto – Commerce Experience Platform (CXP)
  • Zendesk – Customer service and engagement platform


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