David Wise from Magento (an Adobe Company) talked about the strength of the ecosystem which will stay relevant and very much in


Magento 2.3 has been announced and will be out in November with new marketplace integrations, drag & drop cms out of the box (page builder) will be available from  


PWA studio has ready to go themes and content catalogue ability.


It’s all about the experience driven commerce.



Questions to dotMailer after Magento Live with Justin Broomes


Mark Laval talking about the commitment to the open source community, solution integrators and tech partners. It all ties into the experience drive commerce and dotMailer is now part of the Magento core.

Justin re-caped their panel discussion at MLEU which brought up an ambitious customer looking to double their YoY revenue. DotMailer have advised them on key campaigns that can help fill the gaps in order to achieve their goals. Three of those were a welcome campaign to new subscribers or after first orders to tempt the customer to come back. Depending on what data you hold things like birthdays or simpler things like subscriber anniverssaries with discount codes go a long way.


Klevu – Claudia Ditri

Fast intuitive quicksearch can be customised depending on product  for depends on product

What you want to highlight in the seach bar


Natural language processing

A lot of peopole asked about voice search at MLEU which is currently being trialled at Klevu. 40% of millenials have tried shopping with voice search and by 2020 80% of searches are predicted to be by voice.


Picture searching, as made famous by ASOS, is also in the works.Nosto


James White From Nosto talked about the case study they presented on stage at MLEU. Toolstop is a multibrand retailer with many common challenges including lack of visibility of categories, no proper segmentation.

In 4 weeks after implementing Nosto, Toolstop saw a 5% decrease in bounce rate and a AOV increase of 6%.


The road map includes things like the preference centre,