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What is GS1?

  • Global Standards: GS1 is a global, non-profit organization dedicated to developing and maintaining standards for supply chain management.
  • Unique Identification: It provides unique identification codes like barcodes and Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) used worldwide by businesses to uniquely identify products, locations, and assets.
  • Efficiency Boost: These standards enable efficient and accurate tracking, tracing, and sharing of information throughout the supply chain, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Historical Significance: Originating in the 1950s, GS1 emerged during a crucial period for the US grocery industry, revolutionizing inventory management and transactional efficiency.
  • Barcode Association: GS1 is primarily recognized for its association with barcodes, playing a vital role in empowering modern supply chains to effortlessly identify and monitor products as they journey through various stakeholders.
  • Global Presence: With operations spanning over 100 countries and millions of member companies across diverse industries, GS1’s standards serve as a universal language connecting buyers and sellers worldwide.
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The Vaimo GSI Connector for Akeneo

As the significance of the GS1 standard continues to grow within our client base, we’re excited to unveil this innovative microservice designed to streamline our clients’ operations. Currently, our clients spend valuable time manually navigating the intricacies of the GDSN network. With the GS1 Connector, we’re poised to eliminate countless hours of manual labor from day one.

By adopting GS1 standards, businesses position themselves at the vanguard of a connected and collaborative ecosystem, facilitating the effortless exchange of highly accurate data with minimal effort.

The GS1 Connector is primed to debut on the Akeneo marketplace, with early access opportunities available through pre-registration. Reserve your spot now by scheduling a meeting with Tommy. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your operations.

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Meet Tommy Essenholm, Vaimo’s Head of Sales and Business Development, PIM

Tommy, Vaimo’s seasoned PIM specialist, boasts an extensive track record spanning over a decade in the field. He excels in facilitating seamless integration of PIM systems for business clients, enabling them to leverage their product data effectively for driving ecommerce sales.

Shedding light on Vaimo’s decision to broaden their PIM offerings, Tommy explained, “Having successfully executed over 40 enterprise PIM projects, we recognized the necessity to streamline the product data migration process. Our goal is to assist companies in adopting PIM solutions to expedite and simplify the transfer of their products to their commerce engine, thereby saving valuable time and resources.”

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