On March 14 in Stockholm, Vaimo hosted the “Digital Trends: Cocktails and Insights” event, a vibrant platform for discussing the evolving digital landscape. This gathering of thinkers and digital enthusiasts illuminated the current trends and future directions of digital technologies, customer service, and brand experiences, all within shared ideas and, importantly, fantastic cocktails.
The afternoon kicked off with a warm welcome from our host, Nemo, General Manager at Vaimo Nordics, setting the stage for how artificial intelligence (AI) and other digital technologies are not just future possibilities but present realities revolutionizing our daily lives. From the gaming realm to the seamless integration of our digital and physical realities, the excitement for what’s to come was certain. Yet, alongside enthusiasm, the event also acknowledged the paradoxes and challenges of our digital age, including digital saturation, authenticity, and the daunting pace of technological advancement.

Exploring digital realms

The event outlined a compelling narrative on the digital revolution, emphasizing its role in reshaping creativity, learning, and connections. From the enchanting worlds of Fortnite and Minecraft to the seamless integration offered by the Apple Vision Pro, the discussions painted a future where digital and physical realities blur. This digital transformation extends beyond gaming, revolutionizing everyday essentials like shopping and communication emphasizing AI’s evolving role from a mere tool to a companion in our daily lives.

Two faces of digital

Despite the excitement surrounding digital innovation, the discussions also navigated its paradoxes—namely, the saturation and boredom stemming from digital abundance. The narrative touched on how the ubiquity of digital content has demystified travel and made shopping online overwhelming due to the paradox of choice. Furthermore, the event did not shy away from addressing the more daunting aspects of digital trends, including the proliferation of misinformation and the challenges of distinguishing between real and AI-mediated interactions.

Panel discussion: AI and customer service

Experts (see speakers below) shared their insights on the evolving digital landscape’s impact on customer service and brand experiences. The dialogue showed AI’s potential to enhance customer service, emphasizing personalized experiences, automation, and predictive analytics. The panelists highlighted various applications of AI, from chatbots to AI-driven content management and augmented reality services, illustrating AI’s versatility in reshaping customer interactions across sectors.

Brand and CX trends for 2024

The conversation also ventured into predictions for brand and customer experience trends in 2024, focusing on authenticity, sustainability, and technological integration. The panelists discussed the significance of purpose-driven storytelling, ethical practices, and the technological connections that enhance customer experiences, such as AR shopping experiences and omnichannel engagement strategies.

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Sara Lakeh

Sara Lakeh – Head of partnerships, Nordics, Commercetools

Sara is an accomplished professional in enterprise software sales and strategic partnerships. Currently serving as the Head of Partnership (Nordics) at commercetools, she is pivotal in reshaping the digital commerce landscape with a true cloud commerce platform.
Sara brings valuable insights to discussions on the evolving landscape of digital commerce and enterprise partnerships. Her dynamic approach, coupled with a diverse skill set, positions Sara as an engaging and knowledgeable speaker for the panel, ready to share expertise and contribute to the discourse on the future of the industry.

Mats Hellström – Strategic Alliance Manager, Contentful

Mats currently oversees strategic partnerships in Europe at Contentful. His professional background includes leadership roles in digital delivery for agencies in the UK and the Nordics and experience in product strategy development for global organizations. With nearly twenty years of involvement with Content Management Systems, Mats has built a solid foundation in the digital domain. A focus on strategic growth and collaboration within the industry characterizes his work.

Sandra Domeij

Sandra Domeij – Global Head of Experience Design, Vaimo

Sandra brings a wealth of expertise to the panel discussion, seamlessly blending her diverse background in media, branding, visual design, and interaction design. With over fifteen years of hands-on experience, she has navigated the intricate landscape of design, from individual project execution to overseeing design operations as a global design lead for a major international telecommunications company. Sandra’s versatile skill set extends to managing broad and complex products, services, and cross-functional collaborations on a large scale. Her proven ability to handle multiple stakeholders, lead teams, and align business goals makes her an ideal participant for a dynamic and insightful panel discussion.

Naureen Nayyar – Tech Consultant

Naureen Nayyar is a tech consultant dedicated to growing our understanding of humanity. She is passionate about the digital age of communications, where products shape how we communicate, behave, and learn. She collaborates with top programmers, scientists, architects, circularity-minded individuals, and AI practitioners to build the narratives of tomorrow.

Nemanja Vukota – General Manager, Vaimo Nordics

Nemanja Vukota, known as Nemo, will serve as your host for the upcoming digital trends event in Stockholm on March 14, 2024. As General Manager of Vaimo Nordics, he brings a deep understanding of the software and digital commerce industries, which he has honed over a decade. His expertise lies in identifying and leveraging emerging digital opportunities and guiding significant transformations within the sector. At Vaimo Nordics, Nemo has been pivotal in pioneering initiatives that showcase innovative thinking and adaptability, positioning him perfectly to facilitate a forum exploring the latest digital trends. With a knack for engaging with diverse groups and aligning various technological perspectives, Nemo is committed to ensuring the event sheds light on the future of digital commerce and fosters meaningful connections and discussions among attendees.