Webinar: Headless and Composable – The Next Step in Digital Commerce


Is Headless and Composable Commerce Right for Your Digital Business?


The digital commerce world is throwing around funky terms lately, like headless and composable commerce. At their core, these two concepts support a constantly evolving digital business model. Let’s break it down:

Headless refers to a system that lacks a “head” or a presentation layer that interacts with end-users but instead expects another software to provide the presentation on its behalf. Generally, such systems use APIs as their interface, and another system that provides the presentation layer uses these APIs to access and update information in the headless system.

Composable commerce describes a commerce solution composed of headless systems designed to be composed together with other headless systems or services to provide a set of functionality.

But are either of these approaches right for your digital business in its current state?

Henrik Feld-Jakobsen, Chief Strategy Officer at Vaimo, and Wilko Nienhaus, Chief Technology Officer at Vaimo, tackle these terms, break them down and look at them from a practical standpoint.

Join us as we discuss the following questions:

  • What do headless and composable mean for digital commerce?
  • Are these concepts tech trends or the real deal?
  • How can we derive business value from these concepts?
  • Is headless/composable right for your business?
  • What are the practical steps to take to adopt these methods?



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