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We share exclusive insights into the emerging trends and strategies that will define e-commerce in 2024 as we deep dive into our newest report Digital Trends Report 2024″.

Our Digital Trends Report 2024 is a culmination of insights from industry giants such as Vaimo, commercetools, Contentful, Vue Storefront & Akeneo. They’ve joined forces to illuminate the future trends in e-commerce, providing innovative strategies to enhance digital experiences to drive success.

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What are some of the digital trends shaping 2024?


#1   AI-enhanced customer service

AI is changing customer service, making every interaction smoother
and more efficient.


#2   Immersive customer experiences

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are creating new customer connections, allowing for experiences like virtual try-ons in retail and VR tours in hospitality.


#3   Generative AI in content management

Content is getting smarter with generative AI, crafting stories and marketing strategies with precision and authenticity.


#4   AI in data management for personalization

AI is transforming data management by providing a centralized source of truth for product information across all markets and channels, allowing for limitless storytelling variations and highly personalized product experiences that can lead to increased conversion rates.


#5   Data-driven insights & activations

Companies are investing in sophisticated, long-term solutions for data governance and protection to manage and protect customer data more diligently, ensuring compliance and fostering consumer trust.

Key take aways

Topics include:01


  • How brands can stand out against competitors in 2024.
  • The new era of customer engagement.
  • The challenges of incorporating AI while maintaining a deep understanding of human factors.
  • The intersection of AI and content personalization and management.
  • Modern customer service in the age of AI.

Actionable Strategies: 02


  • Discover practical ways to implement AI in your online store.
  • Weigh short-term gains against long-term vision for your digital roadmap.
  • Leverage AI for operational efficiencies.
  • Adapting to post-cookie data challenges.
  • Embracing a data-driven future to improve outcomes.


Sara Lakeh

Sara Lakeh

Head of Partnerships, Nordics, commercetools

Sara is an accomplished professional in enterprise software sales and strategic partnerships. Currently serving as the Head of Partnership (Nordics) at commercetools, she plays a pivotal role in reshaping the digital commerce landscape with a true cloud commerce platform.

Sara brings valuable insights to discussions on the evolving landscape of digital commerce and enterprise partnerships. Her dynamic approach, coupled with a diverse skill set, positions Sara as an engaging and knowledgeable speaker for the panel, ready to share expertise and contribute to the discourse on the future of the industry.

Mats Hellström

Strategic Alliance Manager, Contentful

Mats currently oversees strategic partnerships in Europe at Contentful. His professional background includes leadership roles in digital delivery for agencies in the UK and the Nordics, as well as experience in product strategy development for global organizations. With nearly twenty years of involvement with Content Management Systems, Mats has built a solid foundation in the digital domain. His work is characterized by a focus on strategic growth and collaboration within the industry.

Sandra Domeij

Sandra Domeij

Global Head of Experience Design,Vaimo

Sandra brings a wealth of expertise to the panel discussion, seamlessly blending her diverse background in media, branding, visual design, and interaction design. With over fifteen years of hands-on experience, she has navigated the intricate landscape of design, from individual project execution to overseeing design operations as a global design lead for a major international telecommunications company. Sandra’s versatile skill set extends to managing broad and complex products, services, and cross-functional collaborations on a large scale. Her proven ability to handle multiple stakeholders, lead teams, and align business goals makes her an ideal participant for a dynamic and insightful panel discussion.

Naureen Nayyar

Tech Consultant

Naureen Nayyar, a tech consultant dedicated to growing our understanding of humanity.

Naureen Nayyar is passionate about the digital age of communications, where products shape how we communicate, behave, and learn. She collaborates with top programmers, scientists, architects, circularity-minded individuals, and AI practitioners to build the narratives of tomorrow.

Nemanja Vukota

General Manager, Nordics Vaimo

Nemanja Vukota, known as Nemo, will serve as your host for the upcoming digital trends event in Stockholm on March 14, 2024. As General Manager of Vaimo Nordics, he brings to the table a deep understanding of the software and digital commerce industries, honed over more than a decade. His expertise lies in identifying and leveraging emerging digital opportunities and guiding significant transformations within the sector. At Vaimo Nordics, Nemo has been pivotal in pioneering initiatives that showcase innovative thinking and adaptability, positioning him perfectly to facilitate a forum that explores the latest in digital trends. With a knack for engaging with diverse groups and aligning various technological perspectives, Nemo is committed to ensuring the event not only sheds light on the future of digital commerce but also fosters meaningful connections and discussions among attendees.



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