Site performance and why it matters


Slow service is annoying and frustrating when you sit down at a restaurant. It leads to poor reviews, fewer visitors, and ultimately less revenue for the business.

Ecommerce site speed works the same; it affects your search rankings, leading to fewer visitors and ultimately less revenue.

Speed is the first impression you ever make, and visitors will judge your business in seconds (hopefully just less than 2!).

Originally recorded for Ecommerce Expo 2021, Stephen Hill, Ecommerce Consultant, and Kenny Ward, Frontend Developer at Vaimo, came together to make sure your business is embracing the Need For Speed.

Learnings and take-homes from the video include:

  • An understanding of why site performance is important for your business
  • Real-life case studies showing you the impact of site performance on user experience and business metrics
  • What you need to know about the important changes to Google rankings taking effect from May 2021
  • A handy performance checklist that you can use to see where improvement is needed on your site



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