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The foundations for success

Before working with Vaimo, Vipps had a Magento 1 module operating in the Norwegian market. However, this was being developed, maintained and supported by several 3rd-party system integrators. So although a payment method was available, Vipps itself did not have control over the quality and the user journey of the Vipps payment method. Given the importance of offering unparalleled customer experiences, Vipps knew this approach had to change for long-term growth and success. The company began looking for a platform-specific partner to develop its payment module for Magento 2. They needed this partner to have the experience, size and resources that could accommodate Vipps’ international growth and expansion plans.

Vaimo Vipps payments
Vaimo Vipps payments



The solution

Changing the face of payments

Vaimo developed a payment module for Vipps on Magento 2. The payment method can be used at checkout and also features express checkout functionality via a specific product or category page. Payment via Vipps is also available within the app at the touch of a button. This means that customers can use the same login credentials across sites. For customers, this means less friction and greater ease when checking out. As well as delivering on quick payments, the module also needed to be a stable and trustworthy solution. Vaimo has installed and configured Vipps to function on every Magento version from 2.1 onwards. And through innovative testing procedures, Vaimo is able to ensure that the module works across the board on all Magento releases—the team can then respond to any potential issues immediately. The end result is a pioneering payment module which has the ability to serve over 3 million active users in Norway.

A strategic partnership

Situated near Oslo’s financial district, Vaimo and Vipps built a solid and collaborative relationship throughout the delivery of the project. Vaimo team members were involved in demonstrating the module to Vipps staff and Vaimo also involved one of its existing clients (using Vipps) to analyze the experience from a merchant perspective. With the module now in operation, Vaimo acts as the first line of support for the Vipps module—whether this is supporting Vipps itself or another system integrator using the technology. And beyond development, Vaimo continues to work with Vipps in a more strategic capacity, guiding and advising the business on all things digital commerce to ensure continued success.

Vaimo Vipps payments

Features implemented

  • Peer-to-peer payments and requests
  • Pay bills
  • Payment via thumbprint
  • No bank or personal details needed
  • Vipps login credentials can be used across sites
  • Settle expenses in a group
  • Make payments online or in store
  • Express checkout functionality
  • 100% brand recognition in Norway
  • Vipps for under-15-year olds
  • Compatibility with Alipay

Global Expansion

With Vaimo as its digital commerce partner, Vipps intends to continue its strong growth trajectory both nationally and internationally. Following mergers with Bankaxept and Bank ID (verification services), Vipps will offer more features for businesses and end-customers for better purchasing experiences. This includes services such as ‘login with Vipps’ and using QR codes in-store for a true omnichannel experience. The Bank Axept part of Vipps entered into an agreement with Alipay, the world’s largest mobile payment platform. This will allow Chinese consumers visiting Norway to utilize their familiar Alipay-app, removing the friction of making an overseas payment and increasing overall conversions, thanks to the underlying Bankaxept-form—another step on the brand’s journey in transforming the payments industry. From a Magento perspective, the Vaimo-developed module will shortly be available on Magento’s Marketplace for M1 and M2 builds.


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