During the past few months, even companies in non-essential industries celebrated record-breaking eCommerce sales. Whether operating in the D2C, B2B, or B2C markets, you can still launch your eCommerce site for a great return on investment and long-term scalability. Start your eCommerce journey now, after all, the current crisis is only accelerating the trend of eCommerce sales.

The majority of eCommerce tactics, procedures, challenges, and opportunities carry over from your storefront to the digital arena. Why should you recreate the wheel? 

With a Quick Launch framework, you can apply best practices from UX, development, and business consulting to go to market fast and efficiently, and drive value in a continuous cycle. With the current crisis accelerating the trend towards eCommerce, take a look below at our 5 tips for launching an eCommerce site fast.

5 tips why launching fast is a Great idea

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1) Drive Value Faster

Launching faster means bringing value to your customers and business more quickly. On top of seeing the project realised, you can shift the course based on initial observations. In the area of maximising customer value, the quick launch possesses an advantage compared to the typical eCommerce project, which takes 9, 12, or even 18 months. So, launching faster allows you to adapt more quickly to the market.

2) Reduce Project Risk

The second reason is that you will reduce the risk around your project. For example, time poses a huge risk for project implementation because of changes within teams. In one case, the digital project owner on the client-side changed abruptly. And when the new person arrived, they knew little about the initial project arrangement, defined business requirements, or the scope. The new project owner, of course, adds their view of what’s essential for the business. The Quick Launch framework mitigates the risk of internal changes through a shorter implementation.

For projects, the most significant risk is that the scope changes midway into the project, and any scope change impacts the timeline. And changes to the schedule, of course, increase cost and investment. Launching faster means curbing steady investment and, instead, splitting your investment into multiple phases. Accordingly, you’re always aware of the return on investment during each stage and if you achieved your goals before investing further.

Lastly, launching fast gives you more business agility. The gravest examples are disasters such as the COVID-19, which transformed business practices overnight. In response to crises, a quick launch allows you to course-correct and say, “Okay, let’s shift our focus,” if a sudden surge in orders occurs. You can, therefore, make necessary site changes or move investment across phases. The agile nature of the quick launch fits with uncertain times, giving you shorter, more defined goals and the chance to be proactive.

3) Speed Up Digital Transformation

Consider the tale of two companies: Company A takes 18 months to go-live versus Company B which goes live in 12 weeks. Company B quickly knows the results. Suddenly, colleagues notice a difference. The increase in engagement spurs new excitement towards eCommerce across the company. Meanwhile, Company A languishes for another year in eCommerce limbo, wondering whether their efforts will be rewarded.

The faster you launch the easier the process becomes to assemble the right tools and the best possible team to further your digital strategy. First, the go-live forces the company to collaborate to ensure that the site works. Secondly, you get customer insights immediately that help your sales team and other relevant departments. As a result of completing an initial phase, you foster the proper support and mindset to accomplish more in eCommerce.

4) A More Data-Driven Approach

Launching in phases makes you more data-driven. At each stage, you assess what’s essential. You also get to see the impact on your business metrics and the attributable business value. Unlike a big project, you get precise data to assess whether you are doing well. In the end, you gain more control of your investments and where to focus to get the highest value.

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5) Test Out Your Partners

The final reason is about people and not systems and tools. Individuals and teams are responsible for success in eCommerce.

You answer a few questions early on:

  • Do you have the right partners?
  • What is your company or team’s culture?
  • How easy can your team adopt different digital projects?
  • Are your partners pursuing the same goals?
  • Are your partners focusing on your satisfaction and KPIs?

Quick launches give you the input and feedback to understand if you’re working with the right partners. Better to find a mismatch early and reinvest elsewhere, then rowing in opposite directions in the churning waters of eCommerce. Diving into a site launch first provides you with faster feedback and understanding regarding the individuals surrounding the projects, as well as what works and what doesn’t.

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