WBR has released its new report ‘Building a Human Centric B2B Strategy’ featuring commentary and analysis from the B2B community, including Vaimo CEO David Holender.

B2B Ecommerce

The B2B eCommerce environment is undergoing colossal change. Influenced by the expansion of the global market and cutting-edge B2C purchasing experiences, the profile of the typical B2B customer is transforming. These are customers that now demand Amazon-like, frictionless purchasing experiences in the B2B arena. But given the often complex and technical nature of B2B products (plus the implications for logistics and delivery), B2B companies have typically faced headaches in providing personalised experiences across touchpoints.

This report documents the answers provided by CEOs, CTOs, CDOs, VPs of Marketing & Digital and Global Heads of eCommerce about the B2B challenges they are facing and how they are looking to address these. Then, you’ll also get expert insight, opinion and analysis on each question from B2B leaders across industries. This will equip you with knowledge and practical advice to help your B2B company succeed in the digital era.

Questions revolve around the following core B2B topics and everything in between:

  • Catering to the modern customer
  • Transforming the eCommerce platform
  • Technology and the future of B2B

So for a comprehensive overview of the B2B environment including expert analysis from industry leaders, download the full guide today here!