Choosing the right technology stack for your eCommerce platform is challenging. You need to make the various components work together to ensure that your business benefits from your online store. In our upcoming Champion webinar, we’ll discuss the secrets to getting the right technology in place to ensure your digital success.


The time to put the customer at the centre of your eCommerce offering is now. 

We’re seeing a new customer emerge from the current crisis, with a new set of needs, expectations, and motivations. For countless shoppers, eCommerce stores represent the only option right now. You’re dealing with a different type of customer as a result.

what Customers expect:

  • Simplicity: A customer with limited online experience is used to the physical experience and behaviour with a store’s employees and products. If it’s their first time shopping online, then they will need more interaction, messaging, and guidance. They certainly want intuitive navigation and search. Your technology stack should help them cut corners and get them where they want as quickly as possible.
  • Trust: Those who are less digitally savvy will be particularly apprehensive or suspicious when purchasing online. As a result, you need methods to build trust from the get-go, such as user-generated reviews, endorsements, testimonials, and instant customer service.
  • Information: Buying a new home appliance without seeing it can make shoppers wary. That’s why your’s site product information is crucial. However, information is more than a simple, one-line product description and specification. You need to replicate the in-store experience through interactive photos, video reviews, how-to guides, and more!
  • Speed: In your physical store, how long does it take to pay—one second, maybe two? Shoppers expect this online as well, which is why you need the payment service tools to make their journey and checkout as frictionless as possible.

How to put together a winning tech stack

Champion, a premier global brand, recently assembled a technology stack while switching onto their new eCommerce platform. To help companies in choosing the right technology stack, the Champion marketing team agreed to share insights from building an entirely new tech stack to support their business and support their brand’s resurgent popularity.

Join the Champion team along with dotdigital, Vaimo and Klarna as they talk through this incredible journey in our upcoming webinar. Walk away with actionable insights on how to put a winning strategy in place and how that strategy can help propel your brand to victory.

In recent months, Vaimo has discussed Champion’s new site with Nicholas Freddi, Senior Manager Sales and Marketing E-Commerce, Champion Europe Group. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation:

How does eCommerce help you deliver meaningful customer experiences and connections to Champion’s brand?

“I think there are two types of customers: one, those who know exactly what they want and will checkout in just a few clicks. And two, those who might be after a more in-depth personalised experience. We’ve anticipated this need in our new site and are helped by some top tech partners such as Nosto, Yotpo, Klarna, and dotdigital.

Our new site understands customers’ needs and finds content that is relevant. And as I said earlier, it’s all about being able to shop on any device from wherever, whenever. This is the foundation of a great customer experience that we’re building on. We want to be bold, ambitious and creative in how we approach and implement our customer experience.”

The speakers:




Geeta is a growth hacker and consumer champion with 15 years experience in the digital space. Working for B2C brands across EMEA markets, she has an industry reputation of backing the latest in tech-innovations, blended with data-driven marketing techniques. For Champion specifically, her key focus is to establish a strong eCommerce business, ready to adapt to an ever-changing digital landscape across multiple markets, but ultimately, built to last.

Digital Strategy CONSULTANT

Georgia has more than 10 years of experience working in retail and eCommerce. She is currently a Consultant at Vaimo Strategy and Consulting in London,  where she focuses on helping clients drive digital and customer success across all sectors in both B2B and B2C. Georgia is passionate about delivering great customer experiences in all verticals and across multiple devices. (2)


Over 10 years in the email marketing industry, Gavin heads up dotdigital’s thought leadership team, is a keen blogger and speaker, judge of the Stevie awards 2019 and the DMA awards 2018 and sits on the DMA email council. He has worked closely with organisations in both the B2B and B2C sectors such as Universal Music Group, British Cycling, Vizio, Oliver Bonas, Asana and Copa Airlines in the UK and US, helping them to build their email programmes to drive increased customer experience, lifetime value and loyalty.




Ane has been a key member of Klarna’s Commercial team for the past three years, helping establish its market-leading position in the UK. Ane specialises in the fashion and beauty industry and has worked with top brands including Charlotte Tilbury, Lush, Morphe, Feelunique and Champion, to provide easy payment options and greater flexibility to their consumers. Ane has a MSc in Accounting and Finance from Cass Business School.

See you there!