One thing is clear regarding Ramadan in 2021: the biggest shopping day for B2C commerce in the MENA region will increasingly take place on laptops, phones, and tablets. The rise of the pandemic changed the way customers behave. According to Facebook’s research, 51% of those celebrating Ramadan will seek great deals during the Holy Month. This means you need to focus on meeting customers where they are during Ramadan 2021—online.

Global companies have entrusted Vaimo with their success during peak sales season for over a decade. The Ramadan sales period comes with intense planning, communication, and numerous challenges, and the stakes are high: one error could lead to a six-month loss of sales.

During Ramadan, a priority for your business is ensuring a better customer experience while users are accessing your online store. This includes focusing on optimising your checkout. For instance, 69% of users exit eCommerce stores during the checkout process, according to the Baymard Institute. This means that your checkout process can nullify your marketing investments during Ramadan.

In addition, security can derail your eCommerce store during the most important time of the year. Major global events, such as holidays, elections, and natural catastrophes, lead to vulnerabilities on your site. Hackers use the general public’s confusion and lack of attention for their gain.

There are numerous ways to get your site ready for the big day, and here are just a few things you can do to get your site prepared for Ramadan.

4 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Site’s Health for Ramadan

It’s vital to get an expert review of your website’s key technical elements before Ramadan to ensure that your site performs at an optimal level.

Code Quality

A code audit serves as a quality-check and second opinion to check your platform health.


This audit provides you with a comprehensive report and practical insights to improve your website’s security. We perform a point-by-point walkthrough of your infrastructure, security policies, and your implementation of security best practices.


An SEO audit can identify the current status of your SEO activities and provides insightful recommendations on how to improve the website’s visibility and chances of ranking.


You need to take a comprehensive approach to analyse application speed and stability. A performance review reveals bottlenecks on both code and architectural levels and assesses your infrastructure capacities and scalability.

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5 things to keep in mind for Ramadan UX & CRO

An expert review focusing on the critical elements of the purchase journey, search, navigation, catalogue, and checkout will ensure your success during Ramadan. Here are the key elements you should assess:

Home & Category

Locating the right product is foundational to digital commerce — the user cannot buy what they cannot find.

Product Listing & Filtering

If the user cannot sort or filter the product list, finding the right product can be impossible to achieve.

Product Page

The core of digital commerce. The layout, design, and features are critical to the buying experience.

Checkout Page

If you have a terrible checkout process, your marketing money will go to waste.

Design & Content Services

Dress up your site to match the Ramadan celebration. You should produce and create any necessary Ramadan design materials to help you stand out and attract visitors.

Want to make sure your site performs during Ramadan?

The importance of events, such as Ramadan, cannot be understated. At Vaimo, we have worked with numerous clients during peak sales season for Black Friday and Cyber Week.

“We are very happy with our results on Black Friday — we couldn’t have asked for a better start to the holiday season. The close collaboration we had with our dedicated team at Vaimo to prepare for Black Friday and the support we received during this critical week has been invaluable.”

Jakob Dahlner, Ecommerce Manager at Elon.

Vaimo’s 360° Project Audit helps you find and improve your site’s technical weaknesses to ensure Ramadan is a success for you and your customers. It covers code quality, security, SEO, and site performance.

In addition, we also review your user’s purchasing journey. This audit covers the most crucial parts of your digital consumer journey. This includes analysing your product listing and filtering, product page, checkout page, and making your design and content services fit the holiday celebration.

After Vaimo completes the audits, you receive a list of improvements classified in order of importance and a presentation of findings with clear actions and guidelines for optimisations.

For companies interested in taking full advantage of selling online during Ramadan, the right partnership is key. At Vaimo, we are a specialised agency with expertise in B2C eCommerce.

We invite you to talk to our team today about Ramadan in 2021 and making it add to your company’s future success.

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