The B2B eCommerce environment is witnessing a period of huge change. Influenced by the expansion of the global market and cutting-edge B2C purchasing experiences, the profile of the typical B2B customer is transforming. And the gap between marketing and technology is gradually evaporating due to increased product information demands.

These changing conditions present challenges for B2B companies in knowing how to adapt their offering to match the needs of the modern-day customer. Given the often complex and technical nature of B2B products, B2B companies have typically faced headaches in providing personalised experiences across touchpoints for customers. So, the pressure on B2B companies to keep up with their customers is most definitely on.

In the context of this challenging environment, Vaimo and our partner inRiver will be holding a joint webinar to get your B2B business primed for success in 2020 and beyond! The webinar is based on our recent B2B study and the latest research commissioned by inRiver on more than 1,300 business decision-makers across industries.

When does it take place?

Wednesday, January 21, 2020

9:00 am CST/16:00 CET (GMT+1)

What will the webinar cover?

  • Common drivers of lost revenue delayed or cancelled product launches
  • The impact of consumerisation of B2B practices
  • Adaptive Merchandising, a new concept in the B2B world
  • Content marketing as one of the most significant elements of B2C to impact the B2B industry

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