In our latest client case study, we take a closer look at the eCommerce success delivered for cosmetics and beauty brand I.L.U.

Discover how Vaimo implemented a feature-rich online store for improved user-experiences, intuitive purchasing and increased customer loyalty.

Case study: Vaimo & I.L.U

The Foundations for Success

Prior to working with Vaimo, I.L.U. had a basic eCommerce site which did not provide the scalability and functionality needed for growth. I.L.U. wanted a new approach and a new eCommerce site which would build the foundations for digital expansion. Previously, Vaimo had already delivered successful solutions for other brands in the same group (Kaubamaja and Selver). Aware of these projects, I.L.U. approached Vaimo to replicate this success for its online store.


Immersive Purchasing Experiences

Vaimo delivered a responsive and easy to navigate site that incorporates rich visuals for an immersive purchasing experience. A new filtering system and use of swatches have transformed the I.L.U. customer experience, allowing users to get an instant and real-time view of their chosen products. Graphics, designed by Vaimo’s UX Team, are displayed at every part of the user journey. This not only helps customers in their purchasing decision but consistently reinforces the I.L.U. brand at every step. And running through the heart of the project is Kaubamaja Group’s loyal customer card—Partnerkaart. Customers can log in with their Partnerkaart card for personalised I.L.U. offers and campaigns. This is crucial for growing brand loyalty, trust and ultimately sales.

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