In our new client case study, we go behind the scenes of the eCommerce solution developed for the Momentum Multiply wellness and rewards programme.

Read on to discover how Vaimo partnered with the South African company to transform the capabilities and user-friendliness of its online rewards programme for a more intuitive customer experience.


A Scalable Ecommerce Solution

Momentum’s previous site lacked transparency, user-friendliness and basic functionality, such as an out-of-stock indicator. The company wanted to start promoting its Multiply programme online which presented a whole set of new challenges. Given the program’s different membership types, spend limits and the presence of sole and joint accounts, the company needed a scalable and adaptable solution—one that had the sophistication to meet the inbuilt complexities of the programme.


Streamlined User Experiences

Vaimo constructed a solution that provides a streamlined, user-friendly experience for Multiply customers with features such as a wish list, consolidated deliveries, product reviews and customer reviews. Customers have the ability to see discounts available for accounts with different price points, and personal savings are also readily viewable and always current. Plus, Multiply staff can now easily update content and banners on their website without having to turn to an external party for assistance. Vaimo also developed functionalities around managing and tracking customer spend levels in accordance with the different tiers of Multiply membership.

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But as an added bonus, let’s take a closer look at some of the specific features delivered by the Vaimo team for the success of the project:

The Single Sign-On with family members linking feature means that whilst a family shares an account with a joint limit on spending, they are able to see their own individual purchases.

The Product and Stock Import feature means that suppliers can upload new products and the system automatically notifies customers that there are new products available. The suppliers can upload files and the quantity is automatically updated.

The Price Matrix restricts customer spending; each customer has a maximum amount of money they can spend on discounted items in the Multiply shop. When the limit is reached, the discount is reduced. The customer’s dashboard shows the overview of limits and how much has been spent that year. If items are returned, the customer receives store credit. Although Magento was used at the core of this feature, Vaimo built additional features necessary for the successful implementation of this process. The Price Matrix now allows staff to add new limit types, apply the price limit type individually for all products or even select no price limit rules at all.

The Spending Limit is tied to the wellness and rewards programme plan that the customer subscribes to and the spending limit is reset annually. Every time a customer makes a purchase, the limit changes.

Because Multiply sells suppliers’ products, when an order is received, it’s matched with the appropriate supplier and the stock level is confirmed via the Warehouse Integration with ParcelNinja.

Slave Database for BI Reports ensures that the database is cloned every night. Multiply staff can then compose reports and carry out analysis in their own system without hindering the performance of the webshop.

Remember to read the full case study to learn more about how the new Multiply platform provides customers with engaging digital experiences.