In our latest client case study, we go behind the scenes of the PIM solution implemented for Swedish company Proove. Let’s take a closer look at how the new PIM has transformed Proove’s operational efficiencies and allowed it to offer better user experiences across its 3 brand sites—Holdit, Smartline and Telldus:



Proove’s previous business system had a number of inefficiencies which were holding the company back. Due to a lack of processes, it was impossible to know if products were 100% enriched and accurate. On top of clarity around product processes, the smarter living company also needed to involve colleagues in China in the enrichment process. A new approach was needed to hit these requirements, scale the business and wipe out inefficiencies.


A Single Source of Truth

Vaimo implemented Akeneo PIM with a number of customisations. The new PIM has created the infrastructure necessary for faster and easier product enrichment. It’s also allowed Proove to better structure its processes. This means that more people, job functions and departments are able to enrich products, including colleagues in Proove’s China offices. PIM has also equipped staff with the autonomy to add, monitor and mass-edit attributes. This saves huge amounts of time and improves the overall quality of Proove’s outbound data.

Check out the full story to hear about Proove’s journey to PIM success: