Welcome to another edition of Vaimo Introducing where we’ll be catching up with Christian Dreisbach from Vaimo’s US office.

Listen in to hear what Christian had to say about life at Vaimo, the power of the Magento platform and her biggest achievements to date…

Hi Christian and welcome to Vaimo Introducing! To kick things off, maybe you could tell us about your past experience and what led you to this role at Vaimo US?

My past experience is in software development in the Microsoft space. But in the last 5 years my clients’ lines between IT, marketing and commerce have blended so heavily that my interest in development as a success solution—rather than a necessity—has grown in this direction. Vaimo gives me the opportunity to blend both while focusing on the solution success mindset.

What does a typical day look like for you (if there is such a thing as a typical day!)?

Since I am still learning about Vaimo’s robust capabilities, I am doing a lot of listening combined with a lot of new outreach. I fondly refer to PJ Utsi (Vaimo CCO and co-founder) as our corporate anthropologist because he has a solution for every problem that a prospective client brings up, gently reminding even the most frightened clients that they aren’t entirely unique in their eCommerce challenges.

On the outreach front, we are working with our global partners to identify the types of clients that we can partner with to help drive success in digital commerce. As an established, end-to-end commerce agency working in 15 countries, we’re extremely well-positioned to partner with multinational brands, retailers and manufacturers that operate across markets.

Ecommerce is changing rapidly with the introduction of new technologies and shifting customer expectations. What do you think US businesses should be prioritising, and how can Vaimo help in making this a reality?

I am always looking for the next best way of doing things and absolutely love shedding methods that have stalled—so Vaimo’s philosophy of dynamic growth is a perfect match for me.

We think that the B2B space has so much potential right now. B2B companies are beginning to leverage the power of eCommerce to offer customers seamless and personalised experiences across the purchasing journey. Magento’s platform and partner tools offer a nearly endless combination of capabilities that can be finely tailored to each client and we love talking with people that want to take advantage of all that a full-service, experienced and excited partner can offer.

The Vaimo ecosystem is full of curious learners who are consistently offering views and opinions on the next best thing and demystifying buzzwords to apply concepts like AI to the ecommerce space in ways most clients haven’t even dreamed about (yet).

What is your biggest achievement to date—personal or professional?

I’m a parent of two daughters so it would be weird not to say they are my biggest achievement… right?

That being said, I’ve managed to merge so many professional areas into my life and I think that the end result is quite unique. From a sales perspective, clients expect you to be able to highlight your capabilities but I’ve grown so much in my ability to understand tough requirements, strategise and hand-hold, manage, translate and celebrate with clients—I think I’m quite lucky that I’ve carved out this special professional life.

Your role is obviously concerned with helping other merchants to drive success in digital commerce. But if you were to open your own eCommerce store, what would you sell?

I think the most important thing about making your own way is a true passion for what you do, so I’d have to look at my personal enjoyment in choosing a store rather than the most lucrative thing that I can imagine.

I’ve spent a lot of time mentally inventing ways that eCommerce could help the elderly population with staple items that they need on a recurring basis. And how retirement communities or complexes could partner with wholesale vendors to provide those needs without the residents needing a family member or an Uber to get them.

I’ll get back to you when the idea has some legs!

Is there an app you couldn’t live without?

I could live without the New York Times app—but it would be a dimmer existence and with less inventive recipes to boot… Also, the Dyson app to start my Roomba!

Can you describe Vaimo in 4 words?

Sincere, Passionate, Fun and Adventurous.

Well, that’s all for another episode of Vaimo Introducing. A big thank you to Christian for joining us and sharing her thoughts.Stay tuned to hear more from Vaimoers across our offices!