In today’s competitive business landscape, you will fall behind if you spend too much time trying to find and fix issues with your site performance.

To maximize your online revenue, you need to identify issues before they impact your customer experience and your company’s bottom line. You also need to know what are the next important challenges to work on—what’s impacting your revenue, causing customer churn, etc. If you manage to do it right, the results can boost your business’s productivity, revenue, customer satisfaction, and retention rate. Let’s take a closer look at how a proactive technology strategy increases impacts your site performance, and how New Relic makes this strategy happen.

How can you move from a break/fix IT model to a proactive technology strategy?

First, companies need to change their way of thinking and move from a classic break/fix IT model to a proactive technology strategy. With this proactive IT model, you don’t wait until something breaks before improving and fixing the issue. What you do instead is make the whole IT system more predictable by using advanced tools that monitor and diagnose system performance issues against expected outcomes. This kind of approach helps you to scale and lower long-term technology costs.

New Relic is one of the best tools available when undertaking a proactive technology strategy. Vaimo uses this tool for its clients around the globe. One of New Relic’s core strengths is that it helps merchants detect the origins of problems more easily. IT teams can then diagnose problems faster and with greater accuracy—often New Relic detects issues before the customer even notices them. As a result, users see a 50% decrease in reported service degradation events when using a proactive IT management tool.

How can New Relic benefit your company’s bottom line?

New Relic helps your DevOps team monitor and measure every component of your IT application in real-time—it’s a performance dashboard with X-ray vision. Vaimo uses New Relic for many of its clients IT infrastructure monitoring and development projects where we have also built customised dashboards for easier and better supervision.

How Vaimo clients benefit from New Relic:

  • Increased productivity of internal IT, eCommerce, and customer support teams
  • Decreased total cost of ownership for the IT infrastructure
  • Improved efficiency in clients’ IT infrastructure
  • Increased eCommerce revenues from a better customer experience
  • Better website performance as it detects issues with site speed

Although you would need to invest in resolving the errors and performance issues that New Relic finds, including New Relic as part of your proactive IT strategy can make a big difference to your business’s bottom line.

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New Relic as a strategic and competitive advantage in your digital ecosystem

Automated monitoring is crucial to every successful DevOps project. Having peace of mind in knowing that your app or service is available for customers and functioning as it should be, is important.

You can use New Relic as a single source of truth for your infrastructure monitoring, serverless monitoring, browser monitoring, logs, and APM (Application Performance Monitoring) agents.

Some of the Key New Relic Features:

  • Key business transaction monitoring
  • Availability and error monitoring
  • External services performance monitoring
  • End-to-end user monitoring through browser support
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Integration with third-party tools such as Slack
  • Synthetic monitoring

If you want to enable your DevOps team with tools that allow the most efficient route to problem-solving and the ability to pinpoint sub-optimised solutions in minutes, rather than in days, then don’t hesitate to consider New Relic as part of your proactive technology strategy.

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