We’re delighted to introduce our new PIMometer Insights Report.

This exclusive report is based on the findings of Vaimo’s PIMometer with expert commentary from Vaimo’s Tommy Essenholm and Akeneo’s John Evans. It highlights merchants’ main product information challenges and actionable advice that you can start using immediately.

If you’re new to the PIMometer, it’s an online survey that asks questions under several headings to form a complete picture of a company’s product information status. We introduced it at Vaimo to help our clients get a holistic view of their PIM setup and areas that they could improve upon with our PIM solutions.

With this report, you get the benefits of this newly released data, plus a behind the scenes look at how businesses handle product information.

Some of the headings we cover in the report include:

  • Level of automation for supplier on boarding
  • Product enrichment workflows
  • Ecommerce channel as % of total turnover
  • Product data export channels

Download the report today!

Along the way, you’ll also be getting tips, tricks and insights from our PIM experts. With their years of combined PIM experience, Tommy and John help to contextualise the results from the PIMometer and how you can use this data to your advantage.

Let’s meet the experts:

Tommy Essenholm John Evans
Tommy is Vaimo’s Senior PIM Architect and has 20+ years of experience in IT. His passion lies in helping clients to find the right PIM solution for their goals. John Evans leads Akeneo’s demand generation and is a veteran of the B2B marketing space with 25+ years of experience in master data management and business intelligence.