In a recent report published by leading Estonian online financial newspaper, Äripäev (read about it here), Vaimo placed at number 19 in the list of the most successful IT and telecommunications companies in the country. The report also features a short look at Vaimo; the following is a summary of the original article published in Estonian in Äripäev’s Minu Karjäär 2017 magazine.  Entitled ‘IT Company Vaimo: A Company’s Success is Measured by the Happiness of its Employees,’ the article takes a closer look at Vaimo Estonia, which was established in the capital Tallinn over 6 years ago. Vaimo’s strength lies in its extraordinary teamwork efforts, openness to diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, and a focus on employees’ and clients’  satisfaction. All of this culminates in positive growth for the company overall.

The article poses the question, “why is it great to work at Vaimo?” Technical Manager, Siim Medijainen, confirms that

“While the concept of teamwork is often just a work, at Vaimo, we all literally strive for the same goal, and everyone has a daily personal obligation within your team. If a client has a question or an issue, it’s our key focus to resolve it, instead of wasting time and resources finding a guilty party.”

To Siim, another advantage of working at Vaimo are the extraordinary working conditions from an organisational and technical perspective.

“The employees’ well-being is considered very important and you can almost always be sure that if you need something to do your job better, Vaimo responds quickly and positively.”

HR Coordinator, Anni Laan, muses that Vaimo doesn’t just strive to be modern, but to stay ahead of the times.

“We don’t hold on to policies made 5 years ago; it’s vital to always evolve and develop as a company. We welcome all new ideas, and we provide the opportunity for our employees to grow professionally.”


Vaimo offers a wide array of careers, and we encourage employees to advance within the company and across our offices. Vaimo operates from Europe, South Africa, and Asia, with offices in 15 countries, including Scandinavia, the UK, South Africa, Dubai and Japan.

“It all depends on your own initiative; if we hire someone as a developer and it turns out that he or she would be a great project manager, we give them the opportunity to try out that role. If an employee wants to work from another Vaimo office, we view that as gaining valuable experiences. We offer the chance to our employees to move around within our organisation, whether it’s working from another office for a few months or even a year,” corroborates Anni.

According to Anni, it’s very important to Vaimo to determine the employee’s values and manner of thinking.

Because most of our projects are carried out as a team, our employees need to want and be able to work closely together with others. It’s important to understand the meaning of shared responsibility, and to understand that everyone is different. We have over 300 employees with over 40 cultural backgrounds; in our Tallinn office alone, we have employees from 13 countries. For an IT company, we also boast a high percentage of woman in different roles, from administration, to management and development.”

At Vaimo, we place a strong emphasis on teamwork at work, but also on spending time together outside of work: past events include building robots, go-carting, cooking, charity work, unique competitions and games. We also feature international speakers at our internal events who share knowledge with employees, from motivation and technical topics, to communication skills. The Tallinn office offers employees breakfast every fortnight, and on the last Friday of every month, the whole company is given an overview of corporate results, our goals, and new clients and projects. 

“Every one of our employees deserves to know how we are doing as a company. We don’t keep secrets about our successes or challenges and we believe that shortcomings make as stronger and help us do better in the future. As one team, we can overcome anything and we always strive to give 100%,” says Anni Laan. “And even though it’s always important to do your best, people still need to have fun and enjoy working for us. A smiling employee is the best employee!”

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