In our latest case study, we go behind the scenes on Tevella’s new B2B commerce store built on Magento Open Source. Let’s take a look at the digital commerce challenges they were facing and how they partnered with Vaimo on their B2B commerce solution to take an innovative step forward.

Tevella was founded in Tampere, Finland, in 1984 and is an importer, wholesaler, and institutional supplier for a wide range of products in the education sector. Their expertise is in designing, furnishing, and equipping school and early childhood learning environments and other educational, teaching, and play spaces.

Digital Commerce Challenges

Tevella operated on the Magento 1 platform and wanted to upgrade their site to create more value for their customers and increase the success of their online store.

In particular, Tevella saw the user experience as an area to improve their B2B commerce site. On their Magento 1 site, Tevella’s customers continued to purchase the same items without trying to discover new ideas or products. For this reason, on-site search represents a key area for improvement.

Content creation was also difficult on Tevella’s Magento 1 site and restricted Tevella’s ability to educate their customers. Moreover, Tevella also wanted to use their content to become a knowledge hub, which would also help them rank better on Google. With the hunger to provide value to their customers and revivify their B2B commerce site, Tevella partnered with Vaimo.

Tevella’s Ecommerce Solution

Vaimo delivered a solution on the Magento Open Source platform. Before the process began, a Product Information Management (PIM) solution was already in the process of being integrated. With Vaimo’s help, Tevella’s new B2B commerce solution also included a PIM, which would help them create better product data and put product filters on their eCommerce site, which was much more difficult previously. The combination gives Tevella the ability to save time and produce better content that can easily be updated and respond to consumer needs with improved code and styling.

The new user experience offers a better eCommerce design for the B2B user. For instance, the site is now open to multiple user wishlists. That way, many users can access and navigate the site independently, allowing them to add more unique items for their daily requirements. The main user can overview all items and take care of expenditures from one central location. If necessary, the primary user can allow the person behind one wishlist to make the purchase or exempt them from purchasing. This flexibility helps Tevella work with large schools and daycares around Finland to guarantee that each individual environment has ideal furnishings for their clients.

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Ecommerce Project Delivery

Vaimo and Tevella partnered with a tight schedule to release a minimum viable product (MVP) on the Magento Open Source platform in 6 months. The project was delivered on time, and communication was clear with both teams working successfully to stay on schedule and on budget in launching the site.

The Future of Digital Commerce at Tevella

Tevella wants to grow their business significantly in the next few years. In eCommerce, they intend to sell and deliver more of their basic products, such as toys, games, materials for arts and crafts, furniture, and other educational supplies and equipment and deliver volume around these basic orders.

The B2B commerce experience is headed online, and Tevella intends to put even more emphasis on digital commerce to be at the cutting-edge of this trend. The new site will be a centre for inspiration where customers can find fresh ideas and discover other advances to provide an unparalleled learning experience.

Tevella has plans to work further with Vaimo Consulting and UX. Already, they have put together a roadmap to advise Tevella on their future and make data-driven decisions regarding their user experience and on-site navigation. This desire to be more hands-on also extends to customer service, where Tevella hopes to make further strides in the future.

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