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Going composable can seem like a daunting adventure. Much like assembling a piece of Ikea furniture without the user manual, the task seems insurmountable.

The Vaimo LaunchPad is your user manual, guide, and map. We spent thousands of hours selecting, testing, and ensuring that all the pieces work together seamlessly—so you don’t have to.

This doesn’t mean you can’t change pieces of the puzzle—but it gives you a solid starting point and a strong platform for your MACH-based composable strategy.

What is the Vaimo LaunchPad?

Vaimo LaunchPad is our composable architecture accelerator product that makes it easier to onboard into a commercetools-driven composable architecture. With a proven blueprint, integrations, data, and technology architecture, we have created a structured baseline for all ecommerce needs.

How does the Vaimo LaunchPad work?

The Vaimo LaunchPad offers a strong platform for your MACH-based composable strategy. The Vaimo LaunchPad includes the following four areas:

  • A composable architecture baseline with best-of-breed technology
  • Services and integrations to make data flow between systems
  • A DevOps foundation to enable technical teams to onboard faster
  • Accelerators and technical best practices to speed up implementation

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Get a running head start on your composable commerce journey

Selecting each of the puzzle pieces in your composable stack from a blank canvas is time-consuming and complex. The Vaimo LaunchPad provides a solid baseline to get started.


Make the flexibility work for you, not against you

Some things just need to work. Focus your resources on building a competitive advantage, and don’t get stuck maintaining custom architecture.


Extend, replace, subtract, and add based on growth and needs

With a composable foundation, you can easily upgrade or replace any technology in your stack when needed.

Best of breed technology leaders

Our solution consists of our hand-selected partners that each has a proven record of excellence within their fields and composable architecture. The majority of the partners are MACH alliance members, and each individual vendor is represented in the Magic/Gartner quadrants and considered a leader within their area.

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What’s included from Vaimo?

  • A composable architecture baseline with best-of-breed technology providers
  • Vaimo’s own advanced connectors to facilitate communication between systems, such as the Vaimo PIM Connector for Akeneo and commercetools
  • DevOps foundation to enable technical teams to onboard faster
  • Accelerators and technical best practices to speed up implementation
  • Hand-selected partners that are leaders in the composable architecture arena
  • Micro service architecture that we continuously optimize

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The benefits of the Vaimo LaunchPad

  • Faster time to market: Shorten the implementation time for your composable architecture setup
  • Minimize custom work: Eliminate the need to customize with our pre-built connectors
  • Pre-built integrations, services and connectors: Launch faster with battle-tested components from Vaimo
  • Architecture baseline: Enjoy fewer roadblocks and lower risk with a vigorously tested foundation
  • Data strategy: Vaimo’s data strategy plan is tailored for your solution
  • Superior site performance: Expect reliable performance even with peak traffic
  • Unrivaled UX & UI: Deliver stunning customer experiences with the latest technology
  • Safety first: LaunchPad rests on the shoulders of 14+ years of experience in ecommerce
  • Adaptable and scalable: The world’s leading commerce platform from commercetools supports tailored experiences and grows with you
  • Hand-selected partners: Ensure you work with the right partners Vaimo’s strenuous vetting and testing
  • Consistent innovation: The best-of-breed systems are continuously innovated and tested so you always have access to state-of-the-art technology

Who is a great fit for Vaimo LaunchPad?

The Vaimo LaunchPad is a fast-track towards a composable ecommerce solution. While composable architecture is a fantastic method of arranging your technology stack, it’s not the only option. For smaller companies with a straight-forward business model, diving into a composable solution is a major investment. As a general rule, the Vaimo LaunchPad fits medium to large organizations with more complex business models.

The Vaimo LaunchPad is the right choice for you in the following scenarios:

  • A company with a marketplace operation
  • A manufacturer that produces complex equipment
  • A large, internationally operating brand
  • A company within the telecommunications, finance, or automotive industry
  • A company who is an advanced multi-channel seller
  • A company that offers IoT-based services

The Vaimo LaunchPad is a great choice for large companies that can’t allow their system architecture to slow down innovation. The Vaimo LaunchPad suits organizations with ambitious omnichannel goals and a vision of connecting all sales channels, or companies that want to focus on creating competitive digital services.

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Our partners

commercetools is the world’s leading commerce platform built on modern MACH Principles (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-Native, and Headless) and allows you to work with your commerce solution and create tailored customer experiences.

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Contentful is an API-based headless content management platform where you can create, manage, and publish content on any of your digital channels.

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Akeneo is a global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions that helps you deliver a compelling customer experience, improve product data quality and simplify product catalog management.

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Vue Storefront offers a comprehensive suite of architecture, integrations, and frontend services that can be used together or separately to cover the entire frontend development process--from construction to deployment.

The field of ecommerce is constantly evolving

At Vaimo, we stay at the forefront of technical developments and continuously bring on new tools and skills as needed.

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