The digital customer experience (CX) and the accompanying tools constantly develop and transform to keep the modern consumer engaged and intrigued. Online retail sales in the US brought in an estimated 768 billion US dollars in 2021, with Statista estimates placing that figure close to 1.3 trillion dollars by 2025. Over 263 million Americans shop online—that’s 79% of the total population in the US.

Brands that use digital channels to create captivating experiences will forge stronger relationships with their customers, leading to loyalty and growth. A digital business needs a brilliant customer experience to succeed in the modern ecommerce arena. With a plethora of channels, touchpoints, and a diverse audience, digital vendors have their work cut out for them.

But fear not—serving up an exceptional CX wherever your customer awaits is easier than you think. The Adobe Experience Cloud is a market-leading digital experience platform solution that helps you create an engaging customer experience across all digital channels.

What is Adobe Experience Cloud?

The Adobe Experience Cloud and its suite of products and services provide an all-in-one solution for delivering great customer experiences. It offers solutions for marketing, analytics, and commerce, which all work seamlessly together. With Adobe Experience Cloud, you can deliver a well-designed, personal, and consistent experience that delights customers every time you interact with them.

The Adobe Experience Cloud uses the Adobe Sensei machine learning framework and artificial intelligence to help you make better-informed decisions and provide a fully-automated customer experience. From product recognition and matching to customer behavior predictions, Adobe Sensei makes designing and delivering the perfect customer experience easier.

The Adobe Experience Cloud consists of Content and Commerce, Data, Insights & Audiences, Customer Journeys, Marketing Workflow, and Digital Enrollment. Built on an open, scalable platform, all of the products work seamlessly together and allow for real-time data-sharing. Together, the Adobe Experience Cloud products empower you to create a truly personalized customer experience. Integration with the Creative and Document Clouds allows for synchronized content, streamlined creative workflows, and paperless customer interactions.

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Adobe Content and Commerce

The Adobe Content and Commerce offerings provide Enterprise-ready digital asset management (DAM) that produces tailored experiences at scale. The flexible cloud-native content management system (CMS) meets the needs of headless, composable, and traditional systems. Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud streamlines collaboration, while the Adobe commerce platform oversees B2B and B2C with a single backend.

Adobe’s global enterprise-grade CMS helps you bring millions of tailored experiences to life and deliver them through any channel, at every scale. Content often creates obstacles for teams that must locate, link, and reuse approved assets in real-time.

Adobe streamlines the process and allows your teams to deliver content quickly to diverse devices and channels at a global scale. Do more with less, with the ability to develop, reuse, and update dynamically optimized content with ML/AI for every screen, channel, and more.

Adobe Commerce enables vendors to craft multi-channel commerce experiences on one AI-powered platform that meets the future head-on and scales to any size imaginable. Adobe packs B2B, D2C, B2C, and any hybrid variations into a single back end, which allows you to manage multiple global stores and brands seamlessly.

Grow your conversion and retention with real-time, data-driven customization that targets and segments your customers. Deliver tailored content, pricing, and offers to customers with the help of Adobe’s AI-powered intelligent commerce capabilities. Scale your business with out-of-the-box, cloud-based functionality that allows you to seamlessly integrate with your enterprise resource planning (ERP), CMS, customer relationship management (CRM), order management systems (OMS), product information management systems (PIM), and more.

Finally, Adobe’s headless architecture allows you to launch new frontend customer experiences across every device and channel and gives you the power to update your storefronts and forward-facing content layers on the fly, without disturbing backend processes.

Adobe Data, Insights, and Audiences

With the Adobe Data, Insights, and Audiences suite, you harness the freedom to use actionable data from any channel, ON every channel, in real-time. To meet the constantly-changing needs of your customers, you must pull the relevant data from the right source immediately—and this must be done across your organization.

Adobe’s analytics and data management products allow for effortless analysis of connected data that displays the entirety of the customer journey. Leave data and organizational silos in the past and let Adobe connect your data from across the customer journey into a single new, with detailed insights into consumer behavior based on every minute interaction, in real-time.

With AI/ML-powered customization, recommendations, and user experience all enriched by customer profiles, it’s easy to tailor every single touchpoint for every customer, every time. Customer profiles update in real-time based on information gleaned from every interaction in any channel, including web, Mobile, CRM, AR, chat, and more.

Adobe Customer Journeys

Adobe boosts your customer journeys to the next level by allowing you to engage with every customer one-on-one. By providing tailored experiences that adapt to customer behavior in real-time, you ensure that every interaction is meaningful and memorable.

Adobe’s Customer Journeys offerings include robust, AI-powered tools that help automate the delivery of new, up-to-date, and customized messages across your channels. Delight your customers as they meet you on a plethora of devices and apps, and evolve your strategy as you adapt to their behavior.

Adobe helps you integrate your customer data from anywhere that they’ve engaged with your brand. Adobe builds customer profiles that learn, and adapt, by constantly enriching data from every touchpoint on every channel to create a better view of your customer.

Adobe Marketing Workflow

The Adobe Marketing Workflow, also known as Adobe Workfront, encompasses Enterprise management which coordinates every workstream, and native integration which helps you plan, prioritize and reuse workflows. Integration with Adobe Create Cloud provides seamless updates and reviews, while configurable workflows and visualization platforms help gauge your progress.

Built for the enterprise, Adobe Workfront provides work management and empowers users to connect, collaborate and launch complex workflows from anywhere.

Adobe Workfront places a suite of powerful tools at your fingertips:

Strategy: Execute the tasks efficiently and effectively. Create automated workflows, tailor custom forms, simplify intake, and allow your strategy to flourish—all in a single view.

Plan: React promptly to changing priorities. Plan, execute, and continually better your work with resource management, customizable dashboards, and native integrations.

Execute: Connect all users for easy collaboration and automate procedures for speed and efficiency. Empower your teams to work better with support for several methodologies and integrations to their preferred tools.

Review: Tailor and streamline approval workflows to produce better quality work. Reduce rework and adhere to high standards with the help of inline proofing and asset reviews. Make compliance and audits a breeze with the ability to track changes from start to finish.

Delivery: Produce work that aligns with your strategy, budget, and timeline with easy ways to measure productivity and progress. Configurable workflows and visualization platforms ensure nothing falls between the cracks.

Adobe Digital Enrollment

Adobe provides a streamlined Digital Enrollment suite and onboarding from end-to-end with the help of a single, automated form and e-signature solution. As organizations often laboriously make the move to paperless, the need to streamline digitized processes becomes apparent. With Adobe, you’ll discover maximized productivity.

Adobe’s response online forms and safe e-signature workflows enable you to send tailored messages to any customer, in any channel. Adobe’s products automatically inject data gleaned from online forms into your reporting tools and backend systems. By moving on from paper-based forms by automatically creating updated, enhanced versions of those same forms, you can boost completion rates with an improved customer experience.

Get ready for end-to-end automation that will drive transformation at scale. Transform outdated paper tasks efficiently and quickly by combining everything into a consistent, cohesive experience for your customers that keeps them immersed and on track. Adobe helps you automate the management of thousands of go forms for all your customers so you can stay ahead of a constantly evolving digital world.

Why should I use Adobe Experience Cloud?

With customer expectations on the rise, providing a tailored experience is paramount. The number of digital touchpoints is growing fast, whether it’s apps, advertising, marketplaces, social platforms, or your channels such as websites, stores, and ecommerce offerings. Customer journeys are not linear, as customers constantly shift across channels in their purchasing journey. So companies need to understand all these channels and how their customers are using them.

This shift to omnichannel can be quite challenging, and companies are responding by choosing suites, such as Adobe Experience Cloud, over point solutions. While point solutions offer the best option to solve a specific problem, they require resources and patience to integrate them into your business.

With resources and patience in short supply, all-in-one suites — an integrated system of tools from a single vendor — are taking over. This new direction is known as experience-driven commerce, where you assist customers from start to finish regardless of the sales channel. Adobe Experience Cloud offers a comprehensive customer experience solution.

Adobe Experience Cloud powers top brands like Mercedes-Benz, HP, Pfizer, and Helly Hansen.


Born in 1877 when sea captain Helly Juell Hansen and his wife began creating waterproof gear to withstand the severe Norwegian weather conditions, Helly Hansen has grown into an iconic fashion brand, worn and loved by many all over the world. Working with Vaimo, Helly Hansen has successfully brought their offline success online and grown its international brand presence with multiple stores and ecommerce sites.

In 2016, Helly Hansen first launched their mobile-first Adobe Commerce solution, and in 2019, the brand adopted Adobe Experience Manager, which allows them to quickly scale to new languages and put the content out in the relevant places at relevant times with a simple click of a button. They also use an online design system that integrates with Adobe Experience Manager. They aim to gradually move content over to Adobe Experience Manager to blend commerce and content and offer an even better customer experience.

Helly Hansen has 55 stores on Adobe Commerce installation with 35,000 products per store and 10 different language options, payment methods, and shipping rules. When comparing their results before and after adopting Adobe Experience Manager, Helly Hansen saw a 20% increase in traffic and a 40% increase in revenue. Their mobile focus is also having a positive impact, with a 37% increase in mobile traffic and a 68% increase in transactions from mobile devices.

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