The time has come to wave goodbye to Black Friday. Yes, Black Friday eCommerce increased in 2020 with online sales reaching 9 billion USD and growing by 22%, according to Adobe Analytics. However, Cyber Week 2020 results increased dramatically, rather than only on Black Friday. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift from Black Friday weekend to Cyber Week.

What is cyber week?

The Cyber Week, also known as Black Week, is the retail sales period running from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. In 2020, it vastly outperformed Black Friday. This new change will alter retail’s Black Friday focus and affect peak holiday sales plans for years to come.

In this article, we’ll look a little deeper into the outcome of Black Friday and Cyber Week in 2020. What was once a single day of shopping bonanza is now becoming into an entire month of holiday deals to go and grab. Black Week or even Black November are blurring the Black Friday definition into a prolonged period of sales.

Cyber Week 2020 Trends AND RESULTS

  • Click & Collect favoured by 52% of Shoppers (Retail Dive)
  • Amazon Marketplace sales grew 60% during Black Friday & Cyber Monday (CNBC)
  • Mobile matters: 39% of sales coming phones in November (Adobe)
  • Curbside Pickup: merchants with pickup options saw 26% higher sales (Digitalcommerce360)
  • Overextended Delivery: 700 million packages will be delayed (Salesforce)
  • Retail In-store sales were down up to 52% on Black Friday (Forbes)

Cyber Week in eCommerce for Vaimo Clients in 2020

At Vaimo, our teams worked closely with clients to ensure maximum site performance over the Cyber Week. Here’s are the results our clients saw during the week:

Revenue 127.33 %
Users 135.78 %
Orders 148.68 %
Conversion Rate 134.07 %

How did Vaimo clients perform?

Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Week are a stressful period, and small decisions have a significant impact on our clients and our internal delivery teams. 2020 was a challenging time as our clients were under more pressure to hit their targets. Retailers in general struggled with uncertain market conditions and shopping behaviour. Would online shopping continue to grow? How much traffic should the retailer expect?

With this in mind, it was great to see our clients’ success during the Cyber Week. Here are just a few:

  • Veke’s CDO gave a shout-out to Vaimo in Finland for their assistance during the shopping week.
  • Vaimo in South Africa continued a decade-long tradition of successfully supporting more than a dozen of its clients, including several major retailers.
  • Every Vaimo Danish and Norwegian client saw exceptional growth (some over 60%).
  • Elon, the Nordic’s largest retailer for consumer electronics and home appliances, saw great results. Learn about that here.
  • Vaimo clients globally reported no downtime, which we’re proud of.

If you are interested in learning about Vaimo clients success in previous years, please visit the following links:

Vaimo’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offering

The Black Friday and Cyber Week process begin months in advance for most of our clients. We offer planning, load testing, tech audits, help with SEO and UX  to both our clients and retailers . In addition to creating downloadable Black Friday checklists, we also run Black Friday webinars where we provide actionable advice around the preparation for the holiday shopping period to ensure great results on Black Friday and Cyber Week. As an example this year Vaimo in South Africa delivered twenty-three tech audits and two webinars to clients to get them ready. This early engagement gives retailers a clear action plan, which can help stimulate tremendous growth in the period around Black Friday and the peak holiday season in general.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can partner with you to drive success in digital commerce!