Due to COVID- 19, The eCommerce trend has accelerated. With no end in sight, you’ve got to start planning. Peter Drucker, the management guru, stated, “One has to make a decision when a condition is likely to degenerate if nothing is done…” In this article, we analyse how the Magento 2 platform part of the Adobe Commerce Cloud contributes to a quick site launch.


Why Magento 2 is the best platform for you to launch quickly.


In the changing commerce landscape, your business must adapt and innovate. You need to be able to provide robust, personalised experiences across all touchpoints without lapses in performance and uptime. You also need to assess your data to inform strategic decision-making and implement bold changes to sprint ahead of the global competition.

How can you launch a site quickly, considering all of your needs? Don’t let a static commerce platform suffocate your quick launch. Search for a scalable solution with native features and functionality, which also satisfies your immediate needs and long-term business trajectory. For your transition to an award-winning eCommerce experience, Magento and Adobe Commerce Cloud make it simple.


What is the Magento Commerce Platform?

Imagine hopping into the driver’s seat of a supercharged Formula-1 race car. Magento Commerce is an eCommerce platform tailored for enterprise-grade performance and helps you beat the competition. And another crucial benefit is that Magento is paired with the Adobe Experience Cloud, which gives you access to their extensive list of enterprise tools. The versatile design allows you to sell across various brands, countries, currencies as well as to both B2C and B2B buyers, using a single platform. With the scalability potential and robust starting potential, the Magento Commerce platform gives you the chance to cross the finish line first time and again. Most importantly, a hassle-free perk you can count is that you rapidly create integrations to your back-office (like adding ERP and Warehouse Management Systems with rich API, combined with Magento Order Management Software [OMS]). Better yet, you can anticipate a lot of the advantages of the platform natively or right out of the box.


What does out-of-the-box mean?

Out-of-the-box includes a lot of different integrations – all of them help you to swiftly go from a brick-and-mortar store to a high-functioning eCommerce platform. Instead of forcing companies to include countless integrations, Magento 2 incorporated many of the popular Magento 1 extensions as stock integrations. The enhanced firepower of Magento 2, as a result, supplies your business with the flexibility and agility to provide extraordinary customer experiences and heightened sales outcomes from the start.


The fast addition of new eCommerce platform features allows for rapid expansion – whether your business focus is B2B, B2C, or both – with dedicated stores for your brands which can be centrally managed without re-platforming or creating additional niche commerce platforms. The expansion extends easily with the enablement of full out-of-the-box localisation, multi-language, multi-site, multi-brand support, as well as integration with popular payment processors and shipping providers, all conveniently managed under a single instance. Your journey to eCommerce can start soon and with Vaimo only 12 weeks. Let’s expand on what aspects make Magento Commerce the best platform to launch quickly on.


UX – Magento 2 Themes

All Magento themes are responsive, providing you with complete control over the content, appearance and usability of your site.

So no matter what industry you’re in, B2B or B2C, Magento 2’s themes give you an instant view of different design options—allowing you to test different ideas quickly and to optimise the user experience.


M2 design themes (2)-1-min

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If you’re already migrating to M2 or just starting, we understand that speed—and making quick adaptations to changing market conditions—is paramount. You can expect to quickly adapt as M2 demonstrates its speed with fully-responsive themes ready for rapid implementation.


Drive Conversions and Repeat Purchasing 

Integrated Magento Shipping provides easy access to global shippers to simplify expansion. Specifically, you can anticipate Magento shipping to offer both shipping and fulfilment solutions through multiple carriers. You can also combine intelligent automation capability with access to global carrier networks, and integration at your fingertips through Magento Admin integration. Global cloud service powers you to easily and quickly expand into new geographic regions.


Empower Non-Technical Teams

Let’s face it: your non-technical team members, Randy and Sandy, might not know the frontend from the backend. Magento 2 simplifies everything through content staging and preview to allow frictionless site updates. Easy-to-use content creation enables marketing teams to build, launch, and manage custom content without IT. Also, intuitive administration panels with customisable user experiences streamline the way your teams work. Decrease the amount of training your team needs through M2.


Boost Your Selling Capabilities

Magento Commerce gives you the out-of-the-box features to upsell customers and increase conversions on new leads. Virtually limitless third-party integrations with faster and more efficient APIs enable new capabilities and workflows.


B2B Implementations

B2B shoppers are digitally-savvy consumers who demand intuitive and unimpeded purchasing experiences. Magento 2 offers everything merchants require to manage their B2B web stores for multiple brands, key accounts, or channel partners. B2B features out of the box include Custom Catalogues & Price Lists, Multi-Level Accounts, Quote Requests, Quick Orders, Payment On Account, B2B Web flexible APIs for Integration to ERP systems and Advanced Reporting for B2B. Find an extensive features list here.


Integration Potential

In addition to native functionality, you might want to add specific gadgets to your toolbelt. For this reason, Magento Commerce offers a seemingly infinite amount of integrations for your eCommerce site. Integrating extensions into your plethora of tools, may raise the question: Are these extensions safe? Luckily, launching a website with Magento Commerce comes with peace of mind, as they performs quality checks on their third-party extensions.


Product Information Management (PIM)

A universal advantage for launching quickly with Magento is your ability to integrate with a PIM. In today’s online environment, the smooth management of product catalogues saves you time and gives customers a better experience. Secondly, if you integrate with a PIM, you’ll have a single point of storage for all your product information, which you can use across different platforms, mobile apps, points of sale, and other systems within your infrastructure. If you are looking to bring your entire B2B store online, PIM will be pre-integrated to ensure you are up and running quickly.



The key to delivering the experience that customers crave is eCommerce personalisation. Personalising your customers’ on-site experience fast tracks your brand to the heart of the impatient modern-day shopper. To give an illustrative example, when you listen to Spotify on your phone, you can instantly pause and pick up the same song on your laptop (seamless experience across devices).


Of course, your company has the potential to drastically expand personalisation with integrations like Nosto, which provide a bundle of options that will give your customer improved user experience. For instance, you can add product recommendations to link one item to another similar offer. This simple addition of recommendations increases the likelihood to both cross and up-sell items that match your customer’s cart or viewing habits, inspiring customers with your trending and best-selling products. Personalisation represents one of many essential integrations that you can realise with the snap of your fingers.


Ecommerce Tools to Integrate for 2020

With new waves of customers searching for products online, your eCommerce store needs to entice, delight and satisfy shoppers at every step of the purchasing journey. To do so, you need a comprehensive suite of eCommerce tools in your digital arsenal to address each of your customer’s pain points proactively. If your site lacks intuition and leaves customers frustrated, or listlessly staring from their window imagining better times, you can anticipate their journey to stop short of the checkout page.


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Community and Support

The Magento community boasts 260,000 developers globally. On a side note, Vaimo has the most Magento 2 certified developers of any solutions partner. If you are looking to launch quickly, the pre-built M2, Adobe Commerce Cloud platform allows you to engage with a community of problem-solvers, practising on the same platform. For this reason, you can speedily discover answers and save time. With a diverse user base around the world, Magento offers a large community of developers compared to Shopify, which possess a limited pool of developers with a narrower focus and inexperience in launching across a variety of eCommerce sites.


Adobe Commerce Cloud offers robust support to companies using their tools. The Magento Commerce team is available 24/7 to help you overcome any issues. For a small business or a company new to the eCommerce world, you can rest assured that you won’t be alone in your new endeavour.


Understand & Adapt for a Multiphasic Approach

In the current climate, starting with a fully-customised site might turn into a nightmare. The Magento 2 platform lends itself well to a quick launch approach and getting your website up to tip-top shape through multiple launch phases. Instead of focusing on endless customisation from the get-go, you can instead launch quickly on Magento Commerce and examine how eCommerce works for your business. The acquired knowledge from diving into eCommerce reduces risk and affords necessary changes in the scope of the project.


But what happens after launching your eCommerce quick launch? While in the first phase, you can focus on small but vital tasks like getting a product catalogue online. The second phase allows you to expand. For example, you can start focusing on more technical optimisations that didn’t make sense during phase one. Then, you can use the data gathered over the first few weeks and months to improve processes, elevate customer experience, and streamline marketing efforts using the knowledge developed. All of the steps leading you to a full-fledged eCommerce site are cost-effective and allow you to course-correct while remaining operational.


The Importance of PartnersHIp: Vaimo

The Magento platform puts you in the position to succeed, holding nothing back from operating globally and giving your customers a quality digital experience from the start. But, tools aren’t everything, and to reach your destination, you need to consider the partnership that will adequately recognise your needs and bring the expertise to guarantee success.


As we say at Vaimo, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Magento 2 will certainly help you go fast, but to go far, Vaimo is here to help. Vaimo is one of the world’s most respected experts in digital commerce on the Magento and Adobe Commerce Cloud platform. As a full-service omnichannel agency, we deliver strategy, design, development and managed services to brands, retailers and manufacturers all over the world.


Our 10+ years track record of technical excellence coupled with our proven results in helping our clients succeed with business development, digital strategy and customer experience design is proudly manifested in our status as an Adobe Platinum partner. With local offices in 15+ markets across EMEA, APAC and North America and over 500 employees, we provide an international presence that allows us to cultivate close, long-term relationships with our clients.


Contact us today if you’d like to hear how we can help grow your sales with our award-winning digital storefronts. We have also recently launched our Quick Launch Accelerator approach for new website launch projects if you are looking for ways to get your website live within the shortest possible time with the best tools and solutions partner.