Vaimo works with retailers, brands and manufacturers all over the world to help them accelerate their growth in the digital space. A key part of achieving success is knowing where you are going as a business and why you are on your chosen journey.

Defining your digital strategy and business needs can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. Most eCommerce project teams go day to day working through a long list of backlog items without a clear idea of what digital activities will ultimately drive success for their business, and help them to achieve their KPIs and overall goals. We’ve seen clear examples of companies who define and follow a digital roadmap and meet or exceed their goals. We’ve also seen companies where there is no focus on defining what digital commerce success means for the company, including its most important metrics and where success is not achieved as a result.

In the current times, your business has a much better chance of survival if you plan effectively.

At Vaimo, we help our clients to build and develop their digital strategies, tailoring technical solutions to suit each business’ specific needs. In order to build a successful long term partnership, we focus on aligning our teams with clients on their goals, and success criteria. We are proud to work with so many companies from all over the world and from so many different industries for more than 10 years already. Over this time we have gathered immense experience in helping companies not only define but also achieve their digital goals.

One of our most important goals is client satisfaction. To this end, we’ve developed a client success programme to ensure that we are always aligned with our clients’ goals and that we are working with them towards achieving growth and success.

Key aspects of this success include:

  • Regular meaningful engagement between teams (Vaimo’s team dedicated to a specific client and eCommerce team at client side)—weekly updates, quarterly strategic check-ins, demos and retros
  • Clear, aligned ways of working
  • Alignment on short, mid and long term goals with a client
  • The roadmap is defined and shared between the client and Vaimo
  • Goals & roadmaps are shared with teams on Vaimo and the client-side
  • Client scoreboards are shared with key performance metrics & goals

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Building a Digital Strategy Roadmap

In this series of articles, we’ll explain how we approach helping our clients to build digital roadmaps. There are some important stages in our planning process, described below:

  1. Identify business and digital goals for the short, mid and long term
  2. Identify the key performance indicators that will drive success
  3. Collate and brainstorm tactics (activities & projects) that will drive these KPIs and goals to success
  4. Prioritise the activities & projects based on cost and impact
  5. Build a thematic high-level plan
  6. Create a visual time-based roadmap


In the upcoming posts, we’ll break down each stage, showing you how to create your digital strategy roadmap. We’ll include tips, recommendations, best practices and research along the way to help guide you throughout the whole process. Stay tuned….

Digital strategy roadmap


Finally, check out Vaimo’s Digital Strategy Roadmap – a dynamic tool designed to help you grow your business. By seamlessly connecting short-term improvements to your long-term vision, our roadmap offers a strategic framework that identifies gaps, shines a spotlight on opportunities, and guides you and your team.



Inside you’ll discover a guide to help you through the following:

1. Setting goals
2. Defining KPIs
3. Activities & projects
4. A thematic high-level plan
5. A visual time-based roadmap