Are you delighting your customers with your digital experience (DX)? We’ve rounded up five tips to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.


As the old saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

What is Digital Experience?

Digital Experience covers a wide range of topics within ecommerce. DX refers to a customer’s entire experience with your marketing, products, customer support, and processes along every digital touchpoint.

1 – Deliver Digital Experiences In-Store

The brands driving innovation in this arena know that digital experience extends to their physical stores. adidas is the poster child for bringing digital experience into their shops with some help from Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). A wireless system consisting of tags and readers, RFID allows for the easy transfer of data.

RFID fitting rooms: adidas anticipates its customers’ needs when they head into the fitting room. A customer trying on a sports top may wonder if the material is sweat-wicking, whether it looks good with biker shorts, or if it comes in any other colors. The mirrored display in the fitting room answers all these questions, along with cross-selling via outfit inspiration.

RFID for inventory, point of sale, and security: Most merchants know RFID for the increased accuracy it provides in the movement and volume of stock. Staff in adidas stores can quickly scan products on the sales floor to identify them and promptly pinpoint inventory in the stockroom.

The RFID tags also allow immediate scanning at the counter that marks a product as “paid,” while the alarms at the door alert when tags marked as unpaid pass through.

Take an extra (easy) step to infuse your in-store experience with digital. Most of your customers walk in with smartphones in hand; use the tool to your advantage! A fun mural or art display with hashtags may motivate customers to connect with you on social media.

2 – Do Something Different with Digital Experience

Vaimo client BAUHAUS Sweden became an ecommerce trailblazer when they began taking care of all deliveries by themselves instead of relying on a logistics partner.

The unique solution includes a native internal app for BAUHAUS Sweden employees that manages the flow for drivers and the distribution center staff. The app boasts an integration with a PTV system for routing deliveries and a modified order flow within their ecommerce system from Adobe Commerce.

The delivery solution also provides an on-site track and trace system, with GPS tracking for delivery vehicles, estimated delivery times, and a chance for customers to provide additional information to the driver.

BAUHAUS Sweden launched their logistics program five years ago with five delivery trucks. Today, the home improvement giant uses 45 trucks to fulfill approximately 600-700 orders daily. Read our entire case study on BAUHAUS Sweden here.

While this particular innovation may not apply to your specific industry or field, there is always something innovative that you could do to improve the digital experience of your brand.. How do you find it? Start by investigating the pain points of your customers. BAUHAUS saw an area that wasn’t perfect in their digital experience, and they forged a new path.

3 – Focus on After-Sales Service

After-sales service covers all you do to foster a relationship with your customer after buying your product or service. Digital experience extends far beyond the purchase; it’s about connecting to your customers in the long term.

Exceptional after-sales service helps your customers and your business. It’s the easiest way to boost your long-term success and customer lifetime value.

BAUHAUS Sweden ensures that they offer their customers excellent after-sales service at every touchpoint:

Customer support via live chat and phone: BAUHAUS staff have access to complete customer information, including orders, dates, and personal data, to ensure they can quickly help customers.
Smart returns: BAUHAUS makes returns easy by allowing customers to complete returns forms on their website. Customers can use the smart return for products of all sizes, including returns that require the confirmation of a pick-up by a driver at a designated time.
Reviews and ratings: BAUHAUS Sweden’s customers receive an automated email invitation to submit a review and a rating one week after their purchase.
Installation services offered on-site: BAUHAUS provides a fixed price montage service on the product pages of items that require installation.
Documents and instructions: The product pages include all relevant user manuals, detailed product descriptions, and safety information. Pro tip: This is an excellent way to invite customers back to your site after a sale and doesn’t only apply to home improvement stores.
Loyalty scheme: BAUHAUS Sweden provides a loyalty scheme in cooperation with a local bank. The loyalty scheme includes a BAUHAUS premium bank card that lets customers earn points they can use when shopping on the site.

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4 – Connect Digital Experience to Sustainability

Finnish textile company, Pure Waste is a Vaimo client in the sustainable fashion industry. Pure Waste uses an Impact Calculator to help its customers understand the positive effect of their purchase. Once customers enter their purchases into the calculator, the results show the CO2 and H2O footprints of Pure Waste’s recycled products compared to similar products made of new materials.

For instance, if a shopper buys three tops from Pure Waste instead of a less sustainable brand, they decrease their H2O footprint by 4,275 liters of water. This volume of water meets the basic daily water requirements of 57 people!

The page includes a social media link that encourages shoppers to share their new (smaller) environmental footprint. This allows customers to feel that they’ve contributed to a good cause.
Read our story about the Pure Waste ecommerce solution here.

In another example, sustainable luxury haircare brand Davines recently partnered with Rodale Institute to participate in regenerative organic agriculture. The lesson? Empower your shoppers to join in your sustainability efforts by making each purchase matter.

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5 – Forge a Frictionless, Consistent Digital Experience to Boost Conversions

While this may seem like an obvious tip to boost the digital experience, many store owners don’t realize the sales they’re missing out on due to speedbumps in their user journey.

Vaimo’s client Elon, the Nordic’s largest retail chain for consumer electronics and home appliances, perfectly drives this point home.

While the online store saw plenty of foot traffic, they wanted to increase conversions. When Elon re-branded their physical store, they wanted their ecommerce solution to mirror the design. As a result, the online store is divided into “rooms,” like a kitchen or living room, to help customers easily navigate the site.

With their refurbished ecommerce solution and new navigation, Elon saw a 119% increase in its ecommerce revenue. Sometimes, a simple issue may frustrate visitors to your online store, and as a result, you’re losing out on countless sales.

Read more about our work with Elon here.

Round off your excellent digital experience by ensuring consistency across all channels. Our partner, Contentful, offers a central content repository that allows you to quickly and easily manage content across your digital touchpoints. Read more about Contentful here.

Delighting customers with Digital Experience can be challenging. Whether it’s your website performance, an innovative design element, or just the right strategy, we know how to grow your online store.

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