Holistic Change Management

Let us help you identify the opportunities so you can make informed and strategic decisions. Vaimo’s digital enablement offering goes beyond traditional approaches to technology adoption. We recognize that digitalization is as much about people and processes as technology and that all change management must be seen from a holistic perspective. Having a clear plan is essential to successful digitalization. Not only will we help you build your digital roadmap – we’ll help you execute on all action points.

Plan, Align, Execute

Our Digital Readiness Assessment will show you where to start so we can help you plan for where you want to go. We have a hands-on attitude where we support you wherever needed—whether you already have a strategy in place or not. We include your whole organization to align sales and marketing, and help you break down any silos slowing down your growth.

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What Is Digital Enablement?

Digital enablement is the process of enabling the digital transformation of an organization with the help of various digital tools. When we work with digital enablement, the focus is on empowering our clients to own and optimize their digital transformation journey. Digital transformation concerns every area of an organization, and can be leveraged to optimize the experience companies deliver to employees, partners, and customers. Digital transformation and digital enablement are strategic issues that are fundamental to your business’s success.

Corporate Digital Transformation

Vaimo can help you execute your strategy across your whole organization; from capabilities and processes to cultural transformation and product management. Digital enablement entails a wide range of focus areas, from business model development and product innovation to organizational change and portfolio management.

The businesses who manage to align all stakeholders, teams, and departments around common objectives, goals, and processes are the ones who will gain a competitive advantage.

A Unique, Hands-On Approach To Digital Enablement

At Vaimo, we combine a multi-disciplinary skill set and deep industry experience, with hands-on skills and capabilities to help our clients meet the challenges of today – and tomorrow. By offering our clients access to the best and most experienced minds in the industry, we help you spot and seize opportunities that give you an advantage over the competition.

We help companies navigate the complicated process of transforming and digitizing every aspect of their organizations, such as culture, processes, tools, and governance. We’ve helped hundreds of ecommerce companies on their digital transformation journeys, and we have best practices and playbooks for every part of the process.

Digital Readiness Assessment

Our Digital Readiness Assessment is the perfect starting point for your digital transformation. It will give you a clear overview of where your organization is in terms of digital readiness, and help you determine what needs to be done, and when. We use this assessment as a guide to what areas to prioritize, and in what way.

Roadmaps and Playbooks

To make progress, you need a plan. At Vaimo we have extensive experience from hundreds of ecommerce businesses, and we can help you build the roadmaps and playbooks needed to become a customer-centric, digital-first organization.

Cultural Transformation

Silos and a lack of cross-departmental collaboration and communication is a common challenge in most enterprises. But addressing this challenge and breaking down destructive silos is critical to a successful digitalization journey. At Vaimo we often help our clients align sales and marketing teams around shared goals, and optimize the processes to get the most leads to convert.

Ecommerce Strategy

We’re happy to advise you on all things related to your overall business strategy. We often work closely with our clients to help them develop their business models and pricing strategy, and with our extensive experience from ecommerce, we have plenty of examples to share and best practices for you to benefit from. We can also help to execute on your existing business strategy and plan and perform the tactics needed to reach your KPIs.

Customer Experience Optimization

Customer Experience Optimization is a continuously ongoing process of understanding your customers and the customer lifecycle. We can help you gather and interpret the right data, to give you the insights you need to make every interaction with your brand coherent and pleasant.

Choose an Experienced Partner for Your Digital Transformation

Helping businesses adopt new technologies is what we do at Vaimo. With extensive experience from hundreds of projects, we have developed the methodologies, frameworks, and accelerators that work – across technology, processes, and organizational capabilities.


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